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    Couldn't change the title, but did learn that Toyko is correctly spelled Tokyo. Sorry to all.

    Stu, saw in the news some residents of your town enjoying the brisk weather with wooden turned bowls throwing water or something on their near nude body. Didn't look real close! Wondered if you were involved?! Thought maybe you had provided the bowls!
    Last edited by Jonathan Shively; 01-14-2008 at 04:03 PM. Reason: Didn't spell Tokyo correctly.

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    Lots of strange Pagan festivals here in Japan, they often involve doing something you would NEVER do unless you were three sheets to the wind.

    I've not joined up one of these festivals for a VERY long time, learned my lesson
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    Headline on a 1945 newspaper in our little museum at my American Legion Post spells it: Tokio
    "Folks is funny critters."

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    I corrected the title for ya.

    We have a "festival" here in Seattle where people get into their swim suits and jump into Lake Washington in the middle of Winter.... Unfortunately, no hot Sake is served to the participants when the event ends, as is usually the case in Japan...

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    Greg, thanks for the change.
    Yeah have heard of the polar bear club. Years, heck decades ago, my brother in law and I would try to be the first one in the farm pond each year. Two years running my dad went with me on the first day of the year and cut a hole in the ice and witnessed/helped me submerge and get out safely! What was I thinking? I actually don't think I was!!!!

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