Okay, as you all probably know, in this time of the year it's carnival time in the Netherlands, and well in particular in the Southern part of the Netherlands. So also in my place Bergen op Zoom, here it's the biggest event of the year, takes four whole weeks till the lent started.
Last saturday night the new season started with the traditional ''neuzebal'' (nose ball) in the event hall ''de Stoelemat''. It's than the meaning to learn the new song. The whole hall was full packed with dressed up people, including me and my wife, and the rest of our club.
Our local TV and radio station, the BRTO, put this afternoon a video of this ''neuzebal'' on there website.
So my thoughts where to let you share with this. The motto for this year, ''alles van stal'' or in English, everything of stable.
So take a look to www.brto.nl and click on TV video, on the left you see the video with the title neuzebal 2008.

Have fun.