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Thread: Well worth 5 minutes of your life

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    Well worth 5 minutes of your life

    Some things are suspenseful, others chilling, gripping or just plane worth the surprise. This is one of those great things... I think!.
    Go to ... and type in paul potts.
    When that comes up be sure to go to this picture first.
    Paul sings Nessun Dorma high quality video/sound
    From Myredroom

    Click on the photo next to this title.
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    I've seen it before, you know what it was just as good this time as it was the last time. That man is amazing

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    Well Shaz, you are not usually one of the You Tubers, so I figured I had to check this one out. That fellow has an incredible voice. I am not that familiar with opera, but I can appreciate a great performance. Thanks for sharing!

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