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Thread: 4 in One Saw & Planer

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    4 in One Saw & Planer

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    From the looks, I would think he might have to pay someone to haul it away.
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    Depends on exactly what it is Frank. The saw that is, don't know nothing about wagons. I don't recognize it but there are some similar that are quite rare and that's enough to get someone interested in restoring it. It's possible it is just scrap iron too. Especially if it is missing some parts. Hard to tell what it was from that photo. But it was flat belt driven and that makes it 60+ years old easy. Probably older.
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    I would think the saw would be usable, or more accurately, restoration wise; at least to the point of being worth it. The wagon parts though, too many in this state anyway to be worth anything. Ever farmer has "an old cellar hole" out back filled with that stuff.

    Short history lesson here....

    During the 1800's to 1850's, Maine was a very popular place, having more people then it does today. But farming this cold, rock strewn land was too much, and when people left for the great mid-west, they left thousands and thousands of homes behind. These homes are nothing more than stone cellar holes now that most farmers have used as dumps over the years. Finding old sleigh parts, wagon parts and stuff like that is everywhere.

    We got "the old cellar hole" on us that used to be an Inn back when this area was the main thoroughfare between Augusta Maine and Bangor Maine. The rock walls of the old Inn, the stable, the meeting house and whatnot are all there, but the cellar hole is filled with junk, and the fields have grown up into some nice stands of Spruce and Hardwood lumber.

    You have to watch out around these places though, they still have their hand-dug rock wall lined wells though. Some as deep as 20-30 feet. Most farmers throw steel or boards over them to keep people from falling in, but they rot and rust over the years, and people just forget they are there. A local kid found that out when he fell in one and had to be rescued by the fire department a few years ago.
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    If it was closer, I would go get it. That would be a nice peice even if left the way it is.

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