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Thread: Official post your pet thread

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    Official post your pet thread

    You know it is just a matter of time until it happens, member Ric Fulton asked where the shop dogs forum was.

    We love our pets and they are a part of the family, so let's see what everyone has in the way of pets, ....dogs, cats, snakes whatever it is that is your pet let's get em posted.

    Mine is my A.K.C. Yellow Lab Honey-Behr. She is 3 1/2, has had one litter, is spoiled and is my constant companion.

    Let's see your pet.
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    OK Steve...Just look at my avatar...This IS NOT my shop dog...It is my "Grand Pug" Jake. My daughters new puppy lying next to his UNC blankie.
    Did I mention we are HUGE UNC Tarheel fans. Jake is named after the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. Old Jake whats-his-name.

    I have shop cats...but they don't care to have their pictures taken right now

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    These are my two dogs, Scooter (the black, tan and white one) and Tera, the heeler.

    They bug me all the time to use my tools and, even though I try to explain to them that they don't have opposable thumbs to work the triggers, they still like to fumble around trying to use them. Here they are working on cutting a chunk out of this walnut trunk with my Sawzall. They tired of the work shortly after we took this pic.

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    This next pic is of my current snake. It's name is Kaa, like from the movie the Jungle Book. Twenty some years ago I was showing one of my snakes to my little step-sisters class at school. Kids, of course want and expect all pets to have a name. So when I was asked the first time what my snakes name was by some inquisitive 3rd grader, my lightning quick brain came up with the name of the Jungle Book character, a name that most kids would recognize. All of my subsequent snakes have also been named Kaa because.......snakes just don't really care what their name is.

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    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

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    Ozzy the "Sofa King":
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    Pembroke Welsh Corgi X some-kinda-terrier
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    Steve, go tell Rick Fulton I got his Shop Dog Forum right here, baby. (I know, we've got a lot of forums...time will tell if we need 'em all.)

    Although neither of these are shop dogs (there isn't room for them and safe tool use), they are our fuzzy children, Sasha and Dakota. Both are of unknown origin and are shelter adoptees. Sasha (the midsized yellow lawn missile) was my dog before LOML and I moved in together a couple years ago, and Dakota (the giant economy size black hair machine) was LOML's. Of course now Dakota is Daddy's boy and seldom leaves my side when I'm in the house, and Sasha is Mom's shadow. Like most women I know, Sasha is very talkative and the boss of everything. She's also very smart. Dakota goes along with about anything, but he's not the sharpest plane in the till. He may put the "duh" in Dakota, but he's my right-hand man. The pics don't show his size well, but he's a tall kid, about 32" at the shoulder. The third pic shows the two of them several years ago when they were first meeting at my old house. They were debating who got to have the pink blanket.

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    I did a double take when I saw your dog Sasha.... This is Tommy III, my German Shephard/Golden Lab, who was also a rescue dog. He was a great friend...
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    This is my current Tommy IV, a German Shephard, with a bit of Pointer, I think. Also a rescue. The other mut is Duskin, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. (Stu, look at her feet and you should know why we named her "Duskin"...)

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    Duskin and Tommy III were the best of buddies, but when he passed away, Duskin got really depressed. She barley tolerates Tommy IV. He's too young for her...
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    The Yellow is Chessie age 7 ... the Black is Shebbie age 12. Shebbie is really showing her age but still is the helper whenever I do anything but leaves when I'm done. Chessie hates the noise in the shop so hides in the upstairs closet when the tools are in use. Otherwise Chessie...who I swear really understands every word I say and some that I spell... is at my feet ALL the time and is a great companion.
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    Couldn't find one of just the dog. She's a 14 year old Newfie-border collie cross. About 85 lbs of love. Always gentle with Ian. The border collie in her makes her want to herd the flock. She likes it best when everyone is in the same room. Otherwise she's back and forth worrying about everyone.

    We got her used but even the first day we had her, she acted like she'd always lived with us.

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    Here's my best friend, Lokai (My avatar)

    Border collie-aussie healer mix, about 7 years old. I say about because we rescued him from the shelter and don't know exactly how old he was when we got him. He's named for the Start Trek character that shares his unique coloring (Let this be your last battlefield, original series)

    Hes not much of a shop dog. He rarely comes out to the shop to watch me work. In fact, for some strange reason that we do not understand, he runs to the other end of the house when the compressor runs or when I use any air tools like nailers.

    We took him (and us) to obedience school when we first got him - best thing we could have done for both of us. Hes very well behaved and we need not worry about his running into traffic, or even leaving the property without our escort.

    No, he can't read, and yes, he really likes cats.
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    Here's my shop cat. P.K. (Porch Kitty) is a stray that showed up about 4 yrs ago and adopted me. The shop noise doesn't bother him one bit. It's sometimes hard to get work done when he's around though. As soon as he sees you sitting down at some task, he's up in your lap.
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    Gidget was spotted on and adopted from a shelter. I have no clue what her background is. She's absolutely fearless and into absolutely everything. Loves ambushing and getting chased by the dog for fun, She's 10 Lbs to PK's 18, but that doesn't stop her from occasionally terrorizing PK either.
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    China (Aussie Shepherd/Chow mix) is another rescue adoption. She was found as a stray then pulled out of the municipal pound by a rescue group with one day left before her time was up and put with a foster family. Within 2 weeks I'd seen her listing on and the rest is history. Her name was a last minute thing. The rescue outfit had named her Carlie, but that just wasn't going to work at my house because at the time I had another cat named Callie (since passed away). I struggled for a few days and had settled on a name, but then David Bowie's China Girl came on the radio as I was driving to the place to check her out and adopt her. Likes the cats, and is a big hit with all the kids in the neighborhood on our walks.
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