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Thread: Problem with Delta planer

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    Problem with Delta planer

    Problem with Delta planer... A fellow I exercise with, a couple days a week, was telling me of his problems with his Delta Planer (Don't know the model) but he had burned out the motor a while back and ordered a new. Replaced and all was swell. But, lately when he planes a piece, it starts in fine but half way through it nolonger cuts but continues the feed. If he turns the board around and restarts it will plane off the other end but only half way, If he makes another pass it planes the full length??

    He said he replaced the motor w/o a hitch, simply bolted it in place.

    Got any ideas? I haven't seen the planer, just from our conversations while exercising at our Cardiac Rehab Center (more like a Senior Center for Heart patients... Geezers & Geezettes )

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    Sounds like either the drive belt is slipping, or one of the drive pulleys is slipping (but these are keyed so this shouldn't happen). The feed rollers are chain driven and the cutter head is belt driven so it almost has to be something in that area.

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    Tend to agree with Billy but there is one thing that doesn't make sense. If the cutter head is stopping. Depending on the depth of cut, how would the wood get past the cutter head??

    It should be fairly obvious once he starts tearing it down. Something is broken or loose inside.

    Another thought, maybe the wood he is cutting is tapered. If he was feeding the thick end in first, that would do exactly what he is saying it does. Second pass, lower the head, finish the cut. Then with the board the same thickness it cuts the full length. Makes more sense to me than anything else.
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