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Thread: Tool room pics

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    Tool room pics

    As you can see its a very tight work area. When the weather warms up I can also work in the shed and have more room. Radial arm saw is on wheels, most everything else is light enough to move to the middle of the toolroom to work with.
    This is my old 1930s lathe
    This is the front of my happy home
    This is the rear view w/shed
    Too cold to work in the shed right now
    Tool room is 25 x 11 from back to front
    Catchall work counter
    Lathe area
    Inside shed just completed over the summer
    Front to back
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I've seen some challenging spaces and am thankful for mine (and jealous of others). The fact that we have somewhere to do what we enjoy is what's important. Very nice digs.
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    Excellent use of space and looks like a cozy place to play.

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    And I thought I was clamped (sp)
    Good use of workable area.

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    I see you like pegboard. How does that work for you, I am considering using some of that on my walls as well.

    One question though, do you normally keep the hammer cocked on your stored guns? I know its a flintlock, but that would seem to go against the gun safety training I got. But then again this is a flint lock and I don't think my hunter safety touched on that.
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    Looks like about 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound box (just like a lot of us have), but you've done a good job of organizing it. Looks like a fun space to play in.
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    Hey Travis, I do like the pegboard, it keeps everything up where I can see and reach. (bad back). As for the old gun I only put that there to see if I could get some feedback as to its age or origin. I'm told its from 1880s. All my guns are safely locked in gun case.

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