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Thread: Ruler that measures in 1/10"'s?

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    Ruler that measures in 1/10"'s?

    I started looking at the panel developments for the kayak last night. Realized that it develops and dimensions everything in decimal/tenths of an inch. It would be simpler and less much likely to make a mistake if I just found a good ruler that measures in tenths.

    I am sure someone makes a ruler or tape. Just figure someone knows off the top of their head.

    If I couldn't find one, it really simple to change it to metric and just work with that.

    Trying to convert each measurement to fractions is simple but it's to darn easy to make a mistake converting them
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    Depends on how Long the pieces you want to measure. I do know that a standard Engineer's scale is in 1/10 incriments. Look in the direction of Engineering. Civil engineering, etc. Sorry I can't offer an answer but perhaps a lead...

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    I can custom make you one in any increment, the one exception is that the maximum length would only be 44", that is the max length of my imagesetter. (spot on accurate) I don't think that that short length would be of much help with the length of your kayak. If it would be of any help, let me know.


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    starret makes them. i have a two footer you are welcome to if i can find it. just pay the postage. it measures to 100th's.

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    Most any surveying supply store (or many drafting supply stores) should have rules and tapes in decimal feet. It does make sense for you to use a decimal system since your calcs are all in decimal, too.
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    I bought a rule from these folks about a year ago. They had the best price that I could find for a flexible precision 36 rule. It was about $95 delivered.
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    Try these guys:

    Gary Curtis

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    I think if you are going to measure in tenths of inches you may as well go with metric system which is based on units of 10. I have some digital calipers and they measure in hundreths of a millimeter. For thicknessing, stringing, banding etc. they are spot on.

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    Stanley # 61-112 - this is an old one that I have. Newer one listed below.

    12 foot decimal tape measure.

    Decimal use is standard in Aircraft building. Take a look at a aircraft homebuilders supply company like Aircraft Spruce and Supply. They have them.


    This 12-ft. steel tape measure with 1/2 inch blade is graduated in tenths and hundredths of inches and also in fractions of inches (32nds). Very handy for all aircraft construction. A must for building composite aircraft.

    View more details
    33-272 STANLEY TAPE MEASURE #33-272 $16.40

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