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Thread: Not to disparage manufacturers.....and parts shortages.....

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    Not to disparage manufacturers.....and parts shortages.....

    You might remember last month I ordered a DC from Oneida.....

    Well I paid $200 to Onieda and the system and the plumbing. I gave them a shop drawing indicating where I wanted my tools located and what the input port size for each tool was. They came back with a design and recommended a 2 hp Dust Gorilla. I placed an order for the pipe and the system......the next day when I hadn't received an order confirmation email, I called them back......The salesman says we have a problem.....we don't have any 2 hp motors could be 4-6 weeks....... Would you be interested in upgrading to a 2.5 hp system?...I asked the price differential and said "sure".

    The system delivered and I put the boxes in my shop. The last 2 weeks of December were end of year, end of quarter, end of month and very hectic. We worked a lot of the holiday. So this past weekend I finished putting a 2nd finish coat of paint on my shop. Except for the window sills, the shop painting is totally done. Monday evening I started assembling and installing the DC. I hung the wall bracket and assembled the blower drum, the cyclone drum and the cyclone "funnel".

    I took today off and opened the box with the DC motor assembly in it so I could purchase the right outlet for the plug on the motor cord......The motor was very well packaged and after removing the cardboard cross members that held the motor assembly stable within the box I noticed a typewritten note that explained the change I found in the owner's manual/installation manual.

    "Due to supplier shortages, we have upgraded your 2.5 hp motor to a 3hp Baldor motor at no additional charge to you." Signed "The Oniedia Team"

    I hate it when manufacturers have parts shortages.......NOT...

    I'm a dog man.....the neighborhood cats had better beware!
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    Well, that just sucks, Ken.

    Oh well, congrats on getting your painting done. Two and a half years later.
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    I can only repeat that old "John" Carnegie Phrase they taught so well......."ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC". (Never could remember Names 'til I took that "John" Carnegie Course). (Heck, I can't even remember if I spelled "Carnegie" right or not).
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    I'm pretty dumb, but if I do the math, you got twice the horsepower of your original design. Well that just plain sucks.

    How come things like this never happen when I order a new snowmobile?
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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    Hey Ken, YOU SUCK!!!

    and so will you cyclone!
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    This is the Dells...........looking west.........thinking Ken.........had better wear suction cups..........on his keep him attached to the floor............once he turns that 3hp motor on.

    Congrats Ken. Glad you got the shop painted too. Oneida is a great company to deal with, from my personal experience.


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    Well done Ken, and Well done Oneida!
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    Ken, I am glad Oneida went over and above what was asked.

    You are going to recruit some help when lifting that blower and motor up on the wall brackets, aren't you?

    I did mine myself (the 2hp version) and it was a challenge. If I had to do it over again, I would call a neighbor for help.


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    That happened to my wife and I at Sears one time. Went to buy a freezer and picked one out, sales guy came back and said they don't have any, so they gave us the next size up for the price of the smaller one.

    Glad it worked out for ya.
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    I may be old, slow and becoming obese but I'm not totally stupid.

    If I can conjur up a way to get it up in two pieces by myself....using a lifting device of somekind I will.....

    Otherwise I'll call a couple of neighbors and friends.

    I"d repeat my "Little Giant Ladder" lifting procedure but I don't think it will fit into the corner where the DC is going.

    I won't take any chances......

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