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Thread: dna life?

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    dna life?

    this is a question that has probably been answered on this site already but i've missed the answer.

    i've been learning woodturning using green wood...following the formula of rough turning oversize, soaking in dna for about 24 hours, and then drying in a brown paper sack until the mositure reading shows the blank is dry.

    i started with two gals of dna and have added more as that initial amount wouldn't cover the work but....

    isn't the dna being diluted with the water from the green blank? plus there must be evaporation adding to the equation. so how do you test to see if your dna bath has become too diluted to be efficient??? i've tried an antifreeze tester with floating balls but it was inconclusive...none of the balls floated???
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    I don't know of a way to easily test for alcohol content, or at what point there's not enough alcohol to do the job. In my case, I just keep adding more to the bucket as the level goes down. I know some folks have gone for several years doing it this way with no apparent problems.
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    DNA will draw water out of the air if it is not tightly sealed. A hygrometer like what is used in wine making would let you know the relative concentration of the alcohol.
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    I also just keep adding as the level goes down. I have had the same DNA now for over 1 1/2 yrs. It is still doing the job.
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