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Thread: No Fuss No Measure Perfect Dado's

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    No Fuss No Measure Perfect Dado's

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    Good info, Matt. The spacers do all the hard work. Thanks for the post.
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    Yep, that will work!

    Thanks Matt!
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    Excellent solution Matt

    I love them simple and easy to use without all the "engineering" around....

    And, when you have, like in your case, 70 of them, you just repeat without any math's.'s saves you to build and keep another jig...

    Thank you

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    Yeah thanks for the post, and I thought you did good at giving Niki a run for his money. (No offense Niki, just a like-minded post)
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    Awesome post.. so simple and it looks like it works great.. I have a set of those clamps, so I will spend some time tomorrow testing your setup.. ( I will need to get a bit, but that gives me an excuse to go tool shopping right )

    I would like to thank everyone who offfered advice on this problem.. you all have good solid advice to share with rookies like me.. and I really appreciate it..

    Master creator of precision sawdust and slivers.

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