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Thread: Make SU Stop Snapping

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    Make SU Stop Snapping

    I'm from an application that uses the concept of 'snap' and 'glue'. When you want an object to jump to a guidline or adjacent object, you turn on snapping. When you want uninterrupted control of the move, you turn it off.

    How is this done in SketchUp? I have turned off length and angle snapping but still, objects jump to a point other than the one I am after.
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    Glenn, it sounds like you've turned off as much snapping as you can. You can't turn off inferencing which I'd guess is what is causing the snapping you're seeing. The trick is to use that to your advantage. If you are moving a component relative to other components, you need to think of where you need to grab it and where you need to go. That sounds somewhat circular but here's an example. Say you want to move a stretcher so its end is in contact with the face of a leg. You need to grab the stretcher by a corner on the end that will be in contact with the face. You might also find it easier to make the move in two steps along different axes. i.e. first along the blue and then along the red.

    You can also place guides--lines and/or points-- to help direct a move. Remember, once you've got the move going in the desired direction, lock it with the Shift key (hold it down to keep it locked) and then you can move the cursor so that the inferencing works off the desired point instead of some other point.

    If you want, you could e-mail your file to me and give me an idea of what's not moving as you want it. I can probably work out a way to show you how to make it do what you want.
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