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Thread: Aerial photo

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    Aerial photo

    Vaughn asked about my place and that reminded me of this photo. My FIL is a pilot and so is his brother who recently bought a small WWII era plane. They were out flying and came over the house a couple of weeks ago.. My FIL brought his camera and I was very impressed with the photos.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The green roof is the Baptist Church. Thats my house beside it. If you see a little tan/white dot in the yard, thats my dog. My land runs to the other side of the red barn and follows along the tree line.

    I love this place. Church beside me, cemetery across the street (great neighbors, never complain and never had loud partys ) and I own enough land to other side no one can come in. Large horse farm behind with a great neighbor that owns that.

    Vaughn the old store/Post Office is just in front of the barn. Tree's have grown up around it and it's about to fall in. Needs to be burned. Thats why I was pulling all that old Oak out from the rafters. Before the place falls in.

    If I could just get the fence fixed where someone drove though it my pasture wouldn't be over grown. I let my neighbors horses use it. Of course now you can clearly see the path I mow to the barn. The deer like it because they can hide in the tall weeds.

    I feel very fortunate to have this place!!
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    What a jewel! Your are lucky indeed, though I suspect as much planning and work went into in as luck.

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    Nice place Jeff. The trees in all their fall colors look spectacular.
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    That's sweet, Jeff. I agree with Jesse...I'm guessing something more than luck was involved in getting yourself set up in such a fine place. Thanks for the pic. I'll have to dig out the satellite pics I have of our place on the edge of civilization.
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    That is one nice looking home, you have good reason to be proud.

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    Neat picture and a great home setting.

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