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Thread: Dirty new car pics

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    Dirty new car pics

    Pics of the new Fusion, for those that might care. New Escape in the background of the first one. I should inset the happy salesman's face (same guy, a week apart. )

    I had to put these on photbucket because my website says the disk is full... so the quality is lacking a bit.

    Anyhoo... I'm pretty well impressed with it. Very comfy, nice ride, quiet, and a bit of styling. My only real concern is that this may join the Civic as a 'gangsta' favorite to trick out. From what I've been reading, they're waiting for all the aftermarket crap to come out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Constable View Post

    I had to put these on photobucket ... so the quality is lacking a bit.
    Nice looking car, Kirk. What engine and transmission did you get?

    I'm also interested in why you think the quality is lacking because of using Photobucket...

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    V6 6speed auto... and because the pictures are fine on my system, and the quality is better on pictures viewed from my website vs the same pic on PB. If I delete something to 'make room', the disk will still be 'full' until the next working day, or whenever they do whatever magic it is they do that makes it 'unfull'.

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    Nice looking ride, Kirk. If it's dirty, I sure can't tell in the pics. One of the nice things about silver-colored cars is how well they hide the dirt.
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