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Thread: Merry Christmas to me! oscillating sander

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    Merry Christmas to me! oscillating sander

    With the help of $187 in HD cards and some cash, I finally picked up a new bench sander. I paid regular retail so I can't gloat, but I am happy with the new toy nonetheless. Ridgid oscillating spindle sander...$199.99. They wouldn't even give me a lousy 10%! (but I tried! ).

    I've put one board to it so far...made alot of dust in short order! It really works well...I'm surprised there aren't other belt/spindle oscillating combo sanders like this.

    I know the pic rule, but you're gonna have to settle for a file photo...I'm too lazy to take my own digipic over a bench sander!

    Thanks to Vaughn for swapping my Lowes card for his HD card!
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    Congrats, Scott. I've had my eye on that one, but just don't think I have enough need for one right now. It doesn't have to be on sale to qualify for a gloat, as far as I know. New tools are new tools, regardless of the price.
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    Scott you are goin to like that thing alot. I have one and used it to sand face frames down to width and thickness. I made a larger table for it and then a fence to get thickness where I wanted it.

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    Congrats on the new sander,

    I have looked at that one several times when wondering around HD. Does it work as a single spindle sander? If so is the change over hard? When it is set with the belt, like in the picture, does that oscillate too?
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    So, Scott when are you bringing it over? They are exellent addtions to the shop. Now you need to figure out how to control the dust.

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    Sean - The spindles are interchangeable with the belt...all driven from the same drive hub. It's simple and takes a matter of a few seconds.

    Al - if your shop is heated, I may need to bring it over just to try it out! (it's dern cold in mine the past few days! )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al killian View Post
    So, .... Now you need to figure out how to control the dust.
    There is a vac port on the back and it's quite effective. As the belt or spindle produces saw dust, it is literally whipped (in the direction of rotation) around the back of the machine and your shop vac sucks it down into a collection chamber and out to your vac. There's a small amount that doesn't follow this route but it's really trivial. I suppose one could fabricate a barrier that would channel more but it's good as is.
    I've had this machine for @ 1 1/2 years and used it quite a bit for both oscillating spindle and oscillating belt sanding. It's got lots of torque/power, good speed, easy to use, not unnecessarily hard on abrasives, fairly quiet and belt is actually 90 deg to table. I keep finding more uses for it. Excellent machine for hobyist shop IMHO. Wouldn't want to be without it.

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    I've got that one as well, been one of the best additions to my shop for the price. I've used the drums a few times, but mostly use the belt sander attachment.


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