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Thread: Wonderfull weather

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    Wonderfull weather

    Well I woke up this moring hooked out the dog and went to the new shop and quickly went back into the house. It was 7 degrees out side and the shop would not get above 30 degrees even with the propane heater cranked up on high. Monday it is supposed to warm up again and be in the 20's so maybe I will be able to get out ther and get stuff done. How is the weather in your area?

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    We are having our two weeks of winter right now in the Ozarks. Early a.m. temps are about 10-20 degrees warming to 30s or 50s by afternoon. Yesterday I went to a (scheduled) muzzle loading shoot but due to low temps and high winds the shooting part was called off. We retired to a cabin with a heater and had a meeting instead.
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    Cool pics,thanks.

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    Well, it was supposed to snow last night, but it missed us, the radar map shows it all falling on the ocean about 20 miles south of Tokyo.

    Been cool here (for Tokyo) getting near freezing most nights, otherwise, sunshine and blue skies!
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    Bit on the chilly side right now....

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    Decided to NOT turn down the heater tonight....err.. this morning
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    I call anything between 0-20 chilly, and anything below zero (F) cold. Its cold. -5 below with a good 20 mph wind.

    Yesterday I worked on my new bathroom trimming it out. It was just plain brutal. I got a small propane heater in my shop, but it was just enough to take the chill off, but not much more than that.

    I got a lot done though. Over the weekend I got my shower installed and plumbed up. I got a big linen closet framed, drywalled and fitted with shelving. Then even managed to get everything trimmed out with wood, and just the way it worked, there was a lot of trim to do.
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    Got down to 10 degrees in your nation's capital last night. Round these parts, that's considered pretty durn cold. I was all I could do to keep the shop from freezing while my team lost, in the most hopeless possible way, its touchdown scoring mvp running back injured on the bench while the team pointlessly kicked field goals.

    I know, I know... "it's good for our collective soul." "Patience is a virtue" "bad fortune teaches." Just once, I want things to go the Chargers' way! How long, O! lord, how long?"

    And here I am, stuck in the frozen north, and can't even go to Point Loma, gaze out on the boundless western sea, and contemplate the nature of the infinite.



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    17 F here....supposed to get up to 24 later today....trace of snow......

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    My kids have been praying for these cold temperatures! Our backyard ice rink is finally happy.

    It was -15c last night, and today the high is forecast to be -8c, and with the windchill the weather was supposedly -25c this morning. Odd, as I don't find it windy at all in our yard. Every day in the 5 day forecast is near or below -10c, which is just what you want to lay a good solid base for an outdoor ice rink.

    I'll post a few photos maybe later today. I've got the hose out there right now.

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