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Thread: Oneway screw

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    Oneway screw

    I have a Nova chuck with the screw that came with it. I have heard a Oneway screw will work with it and is better. Any comments?

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    Something Else?

    Thought it was a thread about modern business in America. Now I see it must be something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Simmons View Post
    Thought it was a thread about modern business in America. Now I see it must be something else.
    HaHa, I was thinking it was a thread on government in America!

    The Oneway chucks come with a wormwood screw that is machined with four grooves to line up with the jaws so it can't spin in the chuck and a recessed groove that keeps it from pulling out of the jaws. As long as those all line up in the Nova jaw setup it should be OK. But if not, it would become a safety concern IMHO.

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    Oneway screw

    Yeah Curt,

    My Barracuda 2 (CSC3000C) set came with a screwchuck that looks identical to the Oneway you referred to. Probably made by the same manufacturer. (The main chuck body and jaws sure look the same too.)

    I like mine. It holds real solid. The four slots and the groove are good features. These should fit most other brand chuck systems OK.

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