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Thread: Hello from NE Oklahoma

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    NE Oklahoma

    Hello from NE Oklahoma

    New guy here saying hello from NE Oklahoma. Long time "carpentry" hobbyist (decks, arbors, outdoor projects) with a recent (since retirement in 2003) interest in furniture-like woodworking. Attached are a few photos of my most recent project at my son's home. This a walnut panel I made to cover a well-worn wood-grain plastic laminate mantle/bookcase top. Not fine woodworking but my son was happy. The last photo shows my ever present workshop companion Bo engaged in his favorite hobby.

    I just finished a joewoodworker-inspired vacuum press and my next project will involve veneering. Expect next posts to be either:
    1) questions re veneering, or
    2) photos of a completed walnut burl small occasional table, or
    3) a lightly used vacuum press for sale in the classifieds

    This seems like a friendly group and I look forward to learning some new tricks or maybe even helping on rare occasions. Thanks for reading.
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    Hey Jim, welcome to the Family!

    Nice looking piece of walnut!

    I'm looking at getting into some vacuum bagging, as I have a good vacuum pump for use on the lathe, I figure I might as well get a bag and give that a go too.

    Look forward to your posts!
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    Welcome Jim
    This cold season
    Have the coffee pot on

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Welcome Jim.
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    Welcome aboard, Jim.

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    Wellcome Jim.

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    Welcome to the clubhouse, Jim. Like Stu, I've also got a vacuum pump for my lathe. I built the constant-run setup described on the Joe Woodworker site, but if and when I try any vacuum bag stuff, I'll probably build the regulated system.

    Great pics of Bo, too. The neighbor's boxer likes to come over and visit me when I'm in the shop. I keep a few dog cookies in the shop just for such occasions. (Our three dogs don't even notice the missing cookies.)
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    And your son ought to be happy with that work!


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    Welcome Jim! Good to see your work.


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