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Thread: Cracking bocote handle

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    Cracking bocote handle

    So I picked up some bocote turning stock for some screwdriver handles. I have never turned an exotic or a blank that comes covered in wax. Turning went great I finished the handle with mineral oil and wax and thought I was done. Two days later I notice a hairline crack on the end of the handle. The next day it doubled in size...... I have used bocote in flat work and never had a problem like this.

    How do you usually handle wood that is waxed? Is my problem the wax/moisture or is it a problem inherent to the bocote? Should I soak it in dna like when I turn green wood bowls?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Two thoughts here. One, I personally do not like Bocote. I know I'm in the minority as it is a popular exotic but it doesn't turn happily like others for me. Two, waxed wood means it was cut, dunked in wax and shipped. Exotic exporters do not take time to dry their wood before shipping. What you should have done is remove the wax (I use a propane torch and flame it off) and let set for a period of time before turning. I haven't done the DNA soaking bit so can't respond to that. Might work.
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    DNA works for pen blanks and stopper balnks.(1x1x8 up to 3x3x2)

    Take the fresh cut blank, soak as normal, coat end grain with anchorseal let sit for a month. Turn to finish size and no problems. I have done osage, pecan and maple with no problems.

    The pecan and maple were growing the day before it got dunked. The osage was a few weeks old. I have others that I did like this just havent turned them.

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