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Thread: Shop tour (warning: lots of pics)

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    Shop tour (warning: lots of pics)

    Hi all,

    I've been in the middle of a major shop reorganization the past few months, and I thought I might post some pics of what I've accomplished so far.

    This first picture is the entrance to my basement shop to help you get your bearings. The staircase leads up to my kitchen. From this point, to my left is the main shop area, and to my right is the assembly area.

    So, turning left for here gives you a broad view of the main shop area. In the center, you can see the outfeed side of my Unisaw. I built my own version of The Wood Whisperer outfeed table. Built from melamine and cheap birch plywood from Home Depot, it weighs a ton and is as solid as a tank.

    Here's a closeup of my milling station. I set up some infeed and outfeed support for my planer, which really comes in handy. The shelves are used to store my handheld power tools. I'm running out of room on those shelves, so I'll have to come up with some alternate storage soon.

    Here's my dust collection system. It's a 2HP unit from PSI. I've only had this guy for about a month, so the bags are still shiny white. I used to use my shop vac as a dust collecter... man, what a difference! I set up a pre-separater for the jointer and planer. It is surprisingly effective. It catches pretty much all of the chips from these two machines. I used S&D PVC pipe for the majority of my ductwork. I have a 4" main duct that runs along the wall at floor level.

    This is my miter saw station. It is located on the infeed side of my table saw. I store all my hand tools and other misc. items in this cabinet. I finished building the cabinet, but I still need to add a raised countertop with a stop system... but I never seem to get around to it. Some day...

    The wall opposite the miter saw station will become my handtool area. As you can see, I'm in the middle of building myself a new bench. The base is done; I still need to make the top. This will be much nicer than working on my table saw's extention table, which is what I've been doing for years now. Eventually, I plan to move all my hand tools to storage cabinets and shelves on this wall. I sheathed the bare stud wall with 3/4" plywood and some 1/4" beadboard, so I should be able to attach things anywhere that I want on that wall.

    Here's another angle of the main shop area. I am standing next to the soon-to-be-a workbench.

    Now, if I turn right from the staircase, I'm looking into what will become my assembly area. Just a few weeks ago, this whole area was filled with junk. I built some storage shelves and moved all household storage to the back room of the basement. You can see the shelves on the far left of this photo. In the middle of the picture is my fancy assembly table. At some point, I'll build something better, but for now, it's fine. I just wish it was flatter. I plan to put my sharpening station and a small metalworking area over here, as well.

    Here's my lumber storage. Shorts and cutoffs are on top. The green bins are for cutoffs, one for softwood, one for hardwood, and one for plywood. The bottom shelf is reserved for plywood. The rest of the rack is general wood storage.

    Finally, if I turn around at the lumber rack, you can see the storage I have under the stairs. This was my old lumber storage solution, but it was a real pain in the neck. Now I use it for general shop storage. Eventually, I'll build a clamp rack and hardware storage on this wall.

    That's it! Thanks for looking.

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    Beautiful shop Dave. What's the square footage, it looks huge!
    Thanks for the tour.
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    Nice looking shop. How well does the overhead DC loop to your table saw work? I need to do something like that for mine.

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    Thanks for the tour Dave, it looks great. I wish I had that much room!
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    great tour , you sure are lucky. I would love to have 1/2 that space.

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    Thanks for the tour, Dave. (And welcome to the forum.) Man, you've got enough space to build a house in that shop. Nice set-up indeed.
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    That is a good size shop. Neat and organized as well.

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    Nice shop. I envy the high ceilings and ample space. It's too clean though. Need to get some shaving spread around.
    I hope that's a lathe in the far right corner of the second picture.
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    Wow, look at all that space! And clean too.

    Anyplans for controlling your humidity down there (we guitar makers are always thinking about the RH in our shops).

    Great looking shop!

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    Great Shop


    I will add the same comments as the others---A great, wide open, shop. Yes I am also jealous.

    I have the same PennState DC that you have. I works great. I did run 6" PVC all of the way except for 4" flex drops for each machine. All of my plumbing is above head height. I did put a very slight down towards the DC slope to all of my ducting.

    My DC is "outside" in what we call the Outhouse so I didn't need the 1 mil bags. The Outhouse is a room attached to my garage.


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