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Thread: On the way to work today...

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    On the way to work today...

    I managed to do a nice 180 on the ice (on top of the mountain), and land the blazer in a ditch, full of snow, fortunately. All those years driving in Maine, never got stuck, at least not in snow, and only did a twirl once, and here I got stuck in ARIZONA! Sheesh, how embarrassing!

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    Glad to see you stayed upright at least.

    A lot of people have a hard time associating Arizona with snow, but I've spent enough time in the White Mountains to know otherwise.
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    You still got Maine plates on the Blazer? That would make it even MORE embarrassing.

    I came to San Antonio in 1979, from Indiana. I was a very good and fearless winter driver, even at a tender young age. It took probably three or four years to forget how to drive in it... and my 'refresher' lessons involved interstates and a week-old car.

    We'll get an overnight sleet here maybe one day every winter... and I'm one of the people that just stays in the house. For my own good, and yours, too!

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    That's funny. I guess you wasnt expecting ice in Arizona. What would Travis think?

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    John....don't be too hard on yourself. There are a lot of folks here in Idaho that don't have long term memory. Every winter when we get our first snowfall they have to relearn to slow down, think and plan and drive ahead!

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    North Arkansas got lucky last night. Ice south of us and probably north also.
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    Here in IA we've had snow on the ground since before Christmas with a dusting every at least once a week, but this morning after about 2" snow it took me 45 minutes to do my 6 mile commute. 3 accidents and "memory loss" drivers weaving in and out of traffic. It doesn't matter where you are, there will be "memory loss".
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Downey View Post
    I got stuck in ARIZONA! Sheesh, how embarrassing!
    Did you get the Arizona driver permit yet? That has a lot of bearing on the ability to drive.

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    Well guys, maybe you don't believe it, no snow here, it looks here like spring with 55F, sunshine, no wind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Constable View Post
    You still got Maine plates on the Blazer? That would make it even MORE embarrassing.
    Nope, AZ plates, truck belongs to the U, so at least I'm spared that embarrassment .... its also our junkiest truck, they leave parked at the base camp for me so I don't have to drive to Tucson and then back 2 hours to Safford.

    Luckily there's no damage, no injuries, so no accident report and accompanying ticket. The road was mostly in good shape, just a few icy patches, this one was on the north side of a little ridge, with a nice curve as you head down - recipe for disaster going more than about 10 mph.

    Worst icy driving I ever saw was in Portland, Oregon. We left for the airport (20 minute drive) about 3 hours early and still missed the flight. Everyone was sliding right through intersections, though only going a few MPH. All the other drivers were used to it though, and no one would start at a green light until all the other cars were not moving.

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