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Thread: Is this good? (Not Mine)

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    Is this good? (Not Mine)

    Jacksonville, FL Craigslist

    Wood Lathe - Walker Turner - $400

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    Date: 2008-01-22, 9:07AM EST

    Full size restored woodlathe with motor and countershaft drive in very good condition. Specs: swing - 14" over gap and 12" over bed; Baldor motor 1HP 110/220vac 1Ph; heavy cast iron legs; laminated work bench top; underneath shelf; includes two face plates for inboard and outboard turning; two tool rests; drive and dead centers; wrench.

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    Looks like a pretty nice restor job from the pics..?? With the counter/jack shaft the low speed should be pretty good. I think the price might be a little high What does everyone else think.
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    Dunno. Walker-Turner is supposed to be good stuff but this is a very old item. I think it is a call for someone who wants an old lathe.
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    Nope, too expensive, IMHO.

    I'd also want to know what the MT is, a MT#2 or MT#1 (MT#2 is what you want) I'd also need to have the thread on the spindle checked, if it is an odd size, that would suck as well, 1 1/4" is what you want, or at least is the most common in the states.

    For $200, maybe....
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    It's a nice lathe but I agree with Stu. For what your getting usefulness wise it's to high. You can sometimes find one of the Broadhead Garrets for that kind of money. Much heavier lathe, most mass.
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