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  • My Red Robertson (or favourite size screwdriver)

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  • My Cordless Drill/Driver

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Thread: Silly Poll: how organized are you?

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    Silly Poll: how organized are you?

    My mom was an "a place for everything and everything in it's place" sort of person. I inherited that to a large extent. And I tend to apply that to my shop also. I try to have a place for everything. And I also tend to clean up a bit almost every day at the close of shoptime. (almost.)

    This has paid off in that I have been able at various times to send my son or wife in search of a certain tool/item and I can tell them exactly where it should be, which drawer etc.

    So I'm just kind of curious as to how organized most folks are in their shops.

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    What a dirty thing to ask!

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    I'm working on it, and getting better all the time!
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    I'm like your Mom, everything has its place. If it doesn't, and I have not used it in the last 6 months, it gets tossed out or burned. Period. Sometimes I wish I had some of that stuff back after a week or so, as after I toss it I find a use for it, but I got a small, but uncluttered shop that works well because of my organization.

    I even go so far as to buy multiple sets of tools so that my snowmobile stuff stays in the snowmobile shed, my woodworking stuff stays in my woodworking shop, and my tools at work stay there. As for sawdust and stuff. I sweep up and put everything back before the end of the day. In fact I put things back as I am building. If I have to pause and look for a tool, I stop right then, put every tool away even if I know I am going to need it in the next process, and then go again. I just can't stand having to look for something.

    Speaking of work, I am super organized there to and yeah it drives everyone else nuts.
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    My shop is without question a mess. However, I know where everything is. I keep my most used screw driver (a 4 in one), my Stanley 16' tape measure, a utility knife, pair of pliers, and a pencil in my shop apron. I alway hang that up in the same spot, so finding that blindfolded wouldn't be much of a challenge. Both of my cordless drills always sit on my work bench, so they would be easy to find, as well.

    I understand the reasons behind a clean organized shop. One day I hope to acheive that. In the mean time, I still can find everything with out effort.
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    I am very organized to the point that I get so frustrated if things are out of place that I can't concentrate on my project. Poeple at work don't seem to understand how important it is to be organized. My wife is worse than I am, she cleans my tool room while I'm working. She HATES the lathe.

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    My shop is a study in organized clutter. To the uninitiated, it looks like there's stuff everywhere (because there is). But I still know where everything is, and can usually find it without a lot of digging. (I answered Yes to all of the poll questions except the last one.) I tend to leave tools out and handy where I'm using them, but once I'm done using a tool, I generally put it away. Once a project is done, I put away everything that's not already put away. I also try to clean as I go, and end off most shop sessions with a broom, scoop, and shop vac.

    Similar to Travis, I have multiples of a number of hand tools, so I have a few stashes of tools around the shop. Offhand, I can think of three different Allen wrench stashes, a couple of drill bit stashes, and various places where I have a screwdriver handy.
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    I'm about to have to be MUCH more organized -- my new shop will be in a spare bedroom, a lavish 11.5 x 11.5 space!

    Wish me luck...

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    You forgot an all of the above. I'm not stupid-organized, but I'm close. The increased enjoyment of my shop time is well worth the effort to have a place for (almost) everything and keeping (almost) everything in that place. Brad points out a downside to this level of organization; when something does elude me, that fact absorbs me even if I don't REALLY need what I was looking for. ;-)
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    If "G" was a option I would chose that. Reason being that my shop is mostly orgnized, But my biggest problem is room. I do furniture refinishing for extra money. I know that a 20'x25' shop is good size untill you figure in all the tools, small spray booth and the furniture. The shop just shrinks. O.K. not really, however currently I have a dresser(5'x3'x2') w/ mirror, double bed and a few night stands in there it really makes it hard to squeze thru. This why I say I am only half orginized and would not want to try and go thru it blindfolded. OK back to screwing off.

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