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    Hello to All,

    Just wanted to say hello. Lots of familiar names and a good start with wonderful categories for threads.

    I had a small workshop 25 years ago but since moving back to Florida have lived in a townhome without even a garage!

    Tried to work in the courtyard/patio, built a large rolling cart with contractors saw, router table, bench top drill press, wood vise(Record style) and a lot of power tools (biscuit slot, three routers, lots of hand tools, lots of clamps) started a combination entertainment center/fireplace surround but daily setup was kind of long and difficult. Then five hurricanes damaged the cart enough that everything is in a rental storage locker.

    Hope to remedy my itch for a workshop with a move to a different home with at least a small garage that can house what I have and maybe get going again soon.

    While my skill is mainly theoretical (that means I think I know how to do some wood working techniques) I still love to do woodworking through the eyes of all of you wonderful people that regardless of skill level have something to contribute, even if it is just the right question to inspire those with the knowledge to pass some of their abilities on to the rest of us who very much appreciate the input.

    (Hey Vaughan, how do you like that for a long run on sentence?)


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    Hi Bill,

    Welcome to forum!

    Understand how you feel. When we moved to Georgia all of my tools had to stay in a storage unit for three months while the house was finished and we were in a apartment. Was a long wait to be able to have my tools in a shop attached to the house were I could use them without a lot of major hassle. Hope you can get into a place were you can get a shop set up soon.

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    hi bill.....theoretical or not, if`n ya` want to talk about woodbutcherie, or just talk to woodbutchers that`s why we`re here.....tod
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    Nice to meet you Bill. We're glad your here with or without your tools accessible. My sincerest welcome to you sir. Thanks for coming in.
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

    My diet is working good. I'm down to needing just one chair now.

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    Bill, I am glad that you found us (and got over the delay that we talked about privately in being able to see pictures) and I hope that you come back often.

    Also, I hope that you get to move soon so that you can set up shop again.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Welcome Bill and glad you found us. Enjoy the site and if you have ideas or issues, please let the mod's know as this is a membership driven site.

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