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Thread: Art Mulder speaks: Mock Flat Panels

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    Art Mulder speaks: Mock Flat Panels

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    Congrats on being E-published!

    That's a good idea for faux panels.
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    Congrats Art!

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    Wow, I've been looking at the newsletter in my Inbox, but hadn't clicked my way through to the article. Congrats on the publication, Art.
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    Way to go Art!
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    Congratulations Art!. It's a great article about a great technique.

    I wish I had read it before building an oak display cabinet earlier this month because I would have used such mock panels on the sides of that cabinet. I am certain that I will be using panels like this on my next such project.
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    Way to go Art!

    (What a nice, positive way to spend my 1,000th post! Look out Don, I'm catching up!)
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    Seems that Art's name is getting around lately.

    I can't remember which issue of fine woodworking it was, but Art had a little bit to say in there as well.

    Way to go Art.
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    Well done and Congrats Art!
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    Awe geez, another thread! Now I'm really blushing.

    I've been published about ... er, I was about to guess six times, but I just went over and rustled through my article directory and see that I've had a dozen articles (give or take ) published in Canadian Home Workshop magazine starting back in the fall of '04. Wow, that adds up. But of course, CHW magazine doesn't get much exposure south of the border. I hadn't considered that when working on this with the LVT folks.

    If anyone is curious, here is a link to my web page about the dresser that is mentioned in that article. Also, here is a link, to a web page with just a few photos of a simple toybox/chest that I built back in '05. That was the first place where I came up with this idea for these "mock" flat panels.

    ps: Steve, the FWW one was just a letter to the editor. Really, you can't count that! (for one thing, you don't get paid for those! )

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