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Thread: Now this is starting to irriate me.

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    Now this is starting to irriate me.

    You may remember my post about a lady backing into my car.

    I have talked to the insurance company of the lady, AIG, and they have not been able to make contact with her. She will not answer messages on her cell or home phones. The adjuster has sent a letter her home address and is awaiting a reply. If the adjuster does not receive a response, an adjuster will be sent to her home to attempt to get in contact. This process wil take another week.

    Today I was told that if they can't contact the lady, the claim will be turned over to her supervisor for evaluation, and most likely will be denied. I told her that my wife was in my car, and she said that my wife was not an unbiased witness. I told the adjuster that denying the claim would not be any fun for either of us.

    I don't know, but is it possible to put a lien on her Suburban if all else fails?

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    Ken, I would talk to your insurance co....they can handle it for you. That's why you pay for insurance. I deal with adusters all day, everyday and that's what they have told me to tell customers in the past.
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    Do you have uninsured motorist coverage? File a claim. Your company won't want to pay if she is insured and will get on her company like flies on manure. Or, you can file a lawsuit against her. Your gripe is not with the insurance company but the person who caused the accident.
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    Frank nailed it. Wait till they deny it and then file a claim with your insurance. That will take care of you and your car. I had to do that once. Let the Insurance Companies duke it out.

    Just thinking, you might want to call your Insurance Co. now and see if they have any advice.

    Not to rub salt in the wound and maybe things are different in your state. But thats why I always get a police office to write a report. No denial then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bower View Post
    Ken, I would talk to your insurance co....they can handle it for you. That's why you pay for insurance. I deal with adusters all day, everyday and that's what they have told me to tell customers in the past.
    I agree, that's what they get paid for.
    You shouldn't have to mess with this.
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    I would think that if her ins company could see that she was dodging them, they'd automatically decide that she was guilty! But there I go, thinking things through with common sense. Jim.
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    Sorry to hear about this Ken. Unfortunately it seems more and more that the vehicle damage is the least of the problem in a fender bender. I have gone through my insurance company before and for the most part it has been hassle free. Expect to get some push back because you don't have a police report - but stay firm since you did contact them immediately.

    Good luck and don't let it get you down.


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    Thanks for the ideas, men.

    I have filed a memo with my insurance company, USAA. It is like a claim but with out any of the coverage activated. I will give the AIG adjuster another week and see what develops.

    I occurred to me this afternoon that I might be able to file a lien on her Suburban? Of course that would involve a lawyer, I think....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Garlock View Post
    ...occurred to me this afternoon that I might be able to file a lien on her Suburban...
    Assuming she owns the Suburban, and isn't leasing it, or doesn't have it financed to the hilt.
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    Jeff is on target. My agent really steps up to the plate when required. It is in their best interest because if the lady skates-out you will probably go to your insurance company for the repairs and they don't want that.

    This may be moot but after I lost in a situation like this I was advised, that when in a fender bender, have the other person write down their info and give it to you as opposed to writing it down yourself. This places a bit of evidence in your hands should they try to change their story later on.
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