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Thread: A Fun Project....

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    A Fun Project....

    Here is an Entertainment Center my Son-in-Law and I did at their house.

    Interesting project for several reasons: 1) Tools at my house (30 miles distant); 2) Built into an existing alcove which (of course wasn't completely square or plumb; 3) No plans, just an idea of what they wanted.

    Rather than building it here and transporting it there, and then trying to put it into an existing hole and then trim out, we decided to fasten the sheet goods directly to the wall and complete the box. Used a story stick for the close measurements for the face frame. They turned out perfect.

    It is birch ply and poplar because they wanted a painted finish. My daughter picked out the 'bubble' glass at a local glass shop. There are three lights on a dimmer behind the glass. I figure the materials came out to a bit less than $500.

    Lots of fun, and a real treat working with my Son-in-Law. His family really raised him right...he knows how to work and learn.

    Hope you enjoy it. Not real fine woodworking, but a treat for me.

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    Ain't trying to get a job done while miles away from your shop fun? I know the site carpenters & finishers do it all the time, but for those of us who feel tied to our shops, it can be quite frustrating - interesting, to say the least.
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    Looks great Warren. The bubble glass really adds to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren White View Post
    ...Lots of fun, and a real treat working with my Son-in-Law. His family really raised him right...he knows how to work and learn.

    Hope you enjoy it. Not real fine woodworking, but a treat for me...
    I gotta disagree. Sounds pretty fine to me.

    You guys did a good job on the entertainment center, too.
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    Hi Warren ,
    Just noticed you handiwork. That has turned out to be a wonderful project and the results are very nice. Can't beat fellowship like you had either so it seems to have been "the perfect job"! What's NEXT!Let's get started!
    Thanks for sharing.
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    That turned out well. Heck, that's the way cabinets were built in the good ole days. Right on site, literally built in. Good job.
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    I appreciate all of the kind comments. It was great fun. My Son-in-Law came down today and said their neighbor wants to hire us to make one for her. He (thankfully) turned her down. The same thing happened after I made a mantle for my other daughter's house. I love to make things for family, but I think the stress of doing something for pay would kill me!

    My next project is about done....well, it is about done in my opinion, which isn't the same as my son. I think two weeks and he is thinking less than one week, which isn't going to happen. I have been helping a friend do an addition in another friend's garage so her mother and father can move in. It was a complete addition and I am just volunteering so it can get done earlier. I helped on sheetrock, taping, tile, electrical and trim. That has really cut down on my spare time, but it is a worthwhile project for my friends.

    My son and I are building a smaller (48" long; 32" high; 18" deep) cherry entertainment center for him. I has two shelves (one of which is adjustable) and two drawers. The carcass is complete and the top and two shelves are glued up and sanded.

    I really love working with my son as well. He has definite ideas about what he wants. He is only home on weekends to help, but he does work well when he has time.

    I will post pictures of the entertainment center when it is done.

    Again, I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

    Woodworking is fun, and this community is great


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    Warren, sounds and looks like your are having a great time with your son. I know I enjoy spending time with my dad in the shop as well.
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