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Thread: I Bet he would take $500 (Not Mine)

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    I Bet he would take $500 (Not Mine)

    Florida Craigslist

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    Date: 2008-01-25, 5:52PM EST

    This is a large 220v comercial planer. 3hp ,
    Not what you would want for home use. Great condition.$750.
    Call Eric 904-753-0868. Will trade for kids fourwheeler !

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    This is this guys second 15" Powermatic planer.
    Looks like this one would clean up.

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    GREAT condition (if you ignore the rust).

    Not what you would want for home use (It's worth lots of money!)

    Would make a good planner though. If it is 3 phase price is going to get cheaper probably.
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