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Thread: Problem with the PM

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    Problem with the PM

    Well, the Mustard must have taken offense to the Mayo I put on it...towards the end of sanding the maple vase I'm working on, the lathe stopped working. It ran fine all night, then started not turning on sometimes when I'd hit the switch. At first it was intermittent, then it wouldn't spin up at all.

    My first suspicion was the remote switch, so I opened up the control panel and bypassed it. It still didn't work. I monkeyed around with it a bit, and saw if I wiggled the main power switch a bit, it would start up. So I rewired things to bypass the main switch, and instead wired the remote switch as the main. Still didn't work. So I unhooked the remote switch, and completely bypassed both switches. Still no go. By now I'm worrying about the controller. As I started re-wiring things back to where I started (with both switches inline), I discovered that one of the three leads coming off the speed control potentiometer had broken off (and another was hanging on by a thread).

    I went ahead and pulled out the potentiometer so I can replace it tomorrow. After looking at it a bit, I'd say it's got some of the wimpiest soldering leads I think I've seen on a pot. (And I'm including those inside some pretty cheap Asian guitars I've worked on.)

    The manual doesn't say what value the pot is supposed to be, and the stamping on the case doesn't give any real indication, either. Here's what Google says based on the codes on the back. (Any of you guys know the value offhand?) I guess I'll dig out my ohmmeter and figure it out before I go to Radio Shack tomorrow. Two of the leads are broken off at the case, but I think I can get to enough metal to get a reading. I hope I can find something with a little beefier soldering leads.

    I figure I'll be calling PM Customer Service on Monday and getting a backup sent out to me. (And maybe a spare on-off switch, too. The working side of that doesn't seem real stout, either. A spare would be handy.)
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    Sorry you're having a condiment conflict. Glad you have the resources to make a fix. That seems like an odd problem for PM to have. I thought their stuff was always a notch up from the ordinary. Hope you get it back running today! Jim
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    Vaughn sorry about the problem buddy. I have been in electronics for 43 yrs. A lot of the stuff coming out today even on high end high dollar stuff that componets are nothing but junk. I have seen switches and pots with the terminals on them are so thin any viberation will cause them to break off. Especially if they have heavy wires soldered on them. My dust collector had the same thing happen. Two of the terminals broke off so short you couldn't even resolder the leads on. I got a heavy duty one from Grainger. In fact after it broke I ordered two. It is really to bad. Hope you get it up and running.
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    Bummer Vaughn! Hope you've got it working soon. Good to hear that you're able to do it yourself.

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    Dang, Vaughn, that's *so* not cool. Hope it works out.

    But you are the very soul of patience and moderation. If that happened to me, I'd be hopping mad, and many, many bad words would be said! Elizabeth Peters has a character whose nickname is "the father of all curses!" That would be me, if my gorgeous new lathe wouldn't spin!

    Good luck!



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    Bernie said:
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    A lot of the stuff coming out today even on high end high dollar stuff that componets are nothing but junk.
    I hear that! We have a Laguna LT16 at work. The switch on it just went out for the second time in a little over a year. As stated, the switches have very dinky components on the inside. Laguna paid for the first switch, but since the second failure was over a year, they would not, and charged $85 for a new one. Not cool. The bandsaw itself is pretty nice though
    Cheers, Barry

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    Sorry to hear about your troubles, hope it works out.

    I have a quick question about the remote if you don't mind too much.

    Where do you wire in the remote?
    Can you control the speed on the remote?

    (Ok, it was two questions )

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    Sorry to hear about the failure Vaughn! As far as value for the pot - you should have a parts list in the back of the manual or even have the item listed on the schematic.

    I would think that your lathe is under full warranty and the item would be replaced with just a phone call. Best of luck in getting this issue resolved with minimal hassle!

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    Sorry to hear that Vaughn.
    I would be lost if I had anything like that to fix.
    All I know about anything electric is to call someone to fix it.


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