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Thread: sometimes you feel like a nut, or two

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    sometimes you feel like a nut, or two

    When I got my new lathe, it required an adapter to fit 1"X8tpi accessories, like chucks, to the 1 1/4"X8tpi spindle. So, I bought one and have been using it. Today, I noticed the insert on the chuck was coming loose. I took it out and saw a larger thread inside that miraculously fit the spindle. The chuck already had an internal thread of 1 1/4"X8tpi. So, what I was doing was adapting the chuck to the adapter to fit the adapter already in the chuck. All worked fine, but, of course, the less 'stuff' we hang off the spindle the better things should be. Here is the chuck, the 1"X8tpi to 1 1/4"X8tpi adapter that came with it and the 1 1/4"X8tpi to 1"X8tpi adapter that I bought to fit back to the unneeded intermediate adapter. Ain't this turning business fun?
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    Yep know what ya mean Frank. Kind of like Ken Fitz. Just looking down shaking your head.
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    When I bought my PSI Barracuda chuck late last year, I misunderstood the description. I thought it was like your chuck...1 1/4" threads with a 1" insert. I bought it, figuring when I upgraded the 1" Craftsman lathe, I'd be covered. Lo and behold, my chuck had a native 1" thread -- no insert -- so I ended up selling the barely-used chuck when I got the 1 1/4" Powermatic. Ah well, a fellow Family member got a decent deal on a good chuck. It's all good.
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