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Thread: my tidyness in flux

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    my tidyness in flux

    Trying to do some clean-up in the shop today..... Always seem to find distractions when I do. There were these pieces of Plywood and then there was this Lexan, Pegboard too. These gloves are always hard to find or stuck in a cabinet, etc... So after procrastinating the cleaning I did make life a little simpler here in the shop.

    Simple design borrowed from SWMBO's Kleenex box holder except I left the end open so I could slide the box in whilst hung on the wall. I made two while at it and hung the other inside the cabinet door in the laundry room, just for her use as she keeps "borrowing" mine.

    I used 1/2" ply scraps and some Lexan for the front so you can see what is in there (drilled some 1/16" holes around the edge and used small headed brads to secure. The pegboard on the back allowed for placement of a couple screws shot through the opening to the wall. All handy scraps cluttering the shop. See, I did clean-up.... some.

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    That's really a good idea Bill.
    I am always chasing the paper towels and rubber gloves around the shop.


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    Good stuff!

    I realize that it's probably not worth the effort, but just in case you have a bunch of time on your hands and you prefer hardwood to plastic (or air), see:

    and a closer-up version of the relevant diagram:

    'Course, you'd have to make a matching hanger, too....

    EDIT: A couple of important dimensions are left as "an exercise for the reader".
    1) How deep to drill the hole, and
    2) Where to position the brads in the hollow piece (AFTER the other piece is inserted).
    These depend on how much space you want on either end of the paper roll, and on the spring you use. Figuring out these measurements was the hardest part of the project for me.
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    Cool idea. I finally got the papertowels centrally hung. I forsee the rubber gloves going up nearby. Thanks.

    And BTW; even though you got distracted with your little project, it still qualifies as cleaning up, eh? I have today off as I fly out for some training this afternoon. Took advantage and waxed everything, re-aligned my DP lasers and table and got some more scrap wood catagorized, put away or tossed. Ahhhh.
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    Bill that is a good idea, mine just sit in a cabinet.
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    Pretty cool TP thingy... I'm always looking for something new to make on my lathe..
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