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Thread: New Planer & Jet Vac

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    New Planer & Jet Vac

    I think I got great deals on this DeWalt 733 Planer & Jet Vac DC650SB & safety equipment, all 3 items for under $400. Does anybody have the planer or jet vac and what's your opinion on them?

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    I've got the three knife 734. Bought it after borrowing a friend's 733 and realizing I could do without some of the 735's features. It has been a workhorse. Added a DRO and keep it clean; never had an issue. Can't speak to the vac but it sounds like a real sweet deal.
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    Think I finally figured out how to post thumbnail pics thanks to Greg. Got these tools at an estate auction, thinking it's a good deal, what do you guys think?

    Funny thing, another guy kept bidding against me and everyone else, turns out he didn't wind up buying anything at all out of 129 items, what was up with that?

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    Might he have been a friend ofthe estate or the auction house?

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