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Thread: New Pen Style

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    New Pen Style

    Got this pen kit from a guy in Hawaii.

    Wanted something a little different to add to my line up of pens.

    I like it. Nice high quality rollerball.

    Same tube size as a Jr Gent II small tube just longer.

    If you like it let me know and I will PM his website.

    Kit cost is $18.

    He calls it The Stretch pen. I called it The Solitaire. The pen pictured is Hawaiian Koa.
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    Very interesting. What is the plating and does it come in Tn gold?
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    It is Rhodium and yes it comes in TiGold.

    Try a search on Lau Lau Woodworks to find the source where I bought the kit.

    If you cannot find him PM me and I will send his web address.

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    Pete, does the cap screw onto the opposite end of the pen - the pictures aren't very clear?

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    Pete that is a good looking pen. I really like it. Well done.
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