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Thread: I got some wood too

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    I got some wood too

    Just saw Frank's post about the Walnut and Persimmon.. I've never turned persimmon, but have seen some pieces turned from the wood... beautiful wood.. nice color and grain. There's two wild persimmons growing across the road in front of my house in front of an old tobacco barn. The neighbor who owns the land has been logging up behind the barn, so I am waiting for the persimmons to die or get hit by one of the logging trucks so I can cut up some of it... it's nice wood.

    I just got back from scrounging some wood from a neighbor's front yard.. he said it was okay.. it was a huge willow.. the trunk that was laying in the yard was about 6 ft long by at least 25 or 30" diameter... I had an 18" bar on my saw and had to cut from both sides to get through the trunk. It's still a little wet, the tree's been dead about a year he said and the center of the stump was hollow, about 6 or 8" diam.. eaten out by tree ants. Some nice spalting starting and some nice pinkish color in some of the wood. Hope that holds as it drys.
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    Nice haul Chuck! That was a big willow!!
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    Lucky you.

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    Looks like a truckload to me. Congrats on the haul.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Ellis View Post
    some nice pinkish color in some of the wood. Hope that holds as it drys.
    Judging by the sycamore haul I got last May (see pics [HERE]) the pink will be gone in a few months.

    But who knows ... maybe willow acts differently?

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    Great haul. Looks like a good pickup load. Should keep ya busy a day or two.
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