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Thread: Latest Project - Keepssake Box

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    Latest Project - Keepssake Box

    Here are a few pics of my latest project. It is a keepsake box for my watches, etc. The timber is curly maple, black walnut and ebony. The front catch and hinges are made of ebony. There was a bunch of stuff I had never attempted before that I did on this project. Foremost is the wood hinges. They were tricky units to make (without any mistakes). I had to make about 5 sets to get two sets I was happy with. I used a combination inlay miter/finger joint on the box corners. This went fairly well but there were a couple that didn't close up 100%. The inlays were done on a finger joint jig on my TS. I think there are other preferred methods and maybe next time I will try them. I like the style of the combination miter/finger joint as it gives the appearance of an enclosed joint. The top is bookmatched walnut with some burl in it. And the front catch which maybe you can't see well has a roundover on the top and bottom with a curly maple pin which I turned. All in all I am fairly pleased with the results.

    Front corner view of zig-zag inlay

    Rear view of ebony hinges

    Open lid view

    Detail of ebony hinge

    Detail of hinge inside box - please don't look at that glue stain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Reid View Post
    ...All in all I am fairly pleased with the results...
    Fairly pleased?

    Man, I'd be tickled pink to make a box that nice. It's absolutely gorgeous, Alex.
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    Truely impressive, You should be proud!

    Thanks for posting it!
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    Real nice Al, REAL nice!

    Al gifted me with a set of the hinges he made, man, I cannot even start to think about making them, they are so detailed and so precise.

    I'll save them for a good project, they put anything made from brass etc to shame.

    Great job Al, look forward to seeing that in person one day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Fairly pleased?

    Man, I'd be tickled pink to make a box that nice. It's absolutely gorgeous, Alex.
    Okay, okay, pleased as punch - spiked at the junior prom.

    Many thanks Dave and Stu.

    Stu you will definitely get an opporunity to see this one in person. Been watching Holmes on homes with Nina.
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    that is outstanding, i cant even begin to figure out how you did those corners



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    Alex, that looks fantastic! Im intrigued by those hinges. I'd be interested in knowing how you make them, or seeing a closeup some time. Cheers, Barry

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    Beautiful work Al.
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    Hi Al.

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    Only two things, although we can figure out more or less its size from the pictures I'd like to know its size.

    And last but not least... maybe you should post a tutorial about how you made the hinges.

    Isn't a bit frustrating that you made a beatiful box and people seem more interested in the hinges than in the box?? Sorry just kidding
    Best regards,

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    Many thanks for your comments. The size is W300mm X D200mm X H130mm. I also posted a step-by-step tute on the wood hinges.
    There is also a PDF you can download to use in your shop.

    A small update on the box. Today I did the final buffing using Beall wood buffing system. This is used on the lathe so in my shop it most often gets used for buffing turned pieces. But in this case I used it on a flatwork piece with the same dynamite results. It looks and feels like glass.

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