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Thread: caution with 'no mandrel' penturning

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    caution with 'no mandrel' penturning

    A word of caution when setting up to do 'no mandrel' turning or when you buy a live center for use with your mandrel. Get a top quality live center that is made with hardened steel. The one shown below cost about $5.00 and I gave no thought to wether or not it was hardened when i bought it. It has been in use about a year and used considerably. So, I guess I can't complain about getting my money's worth. But, I do like things to last and remain accurate. This one no longer is accurate. Spend the extra and buy quality. Some even have carbide tips. Check out machinists supplies for a larger selection than in the woodturning catalogs.
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    Yep Frank I have to agree. You buy cheap, you get cheap. I did that when I first started. No more.
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    Thanks for the warning, Frank. I doubt that I would have thought of that.

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