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Thread: Beaded Oak Vase

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    Beaded Oak Vase

    I got a set of Penn State Industry beading tools for christmas and this was the first time I used them. They work well, but I will one day be able to do this with a skew.

    The top is undercut but the opening got pretty nasty looking so I burnt it with a torch. 5"W X 7" H. finished with formby's tounge oil.
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    That's a cool piece, Jeff.

    I picked up a couple of unhandled beading tools during a recent sale at Craft Supplies USA. I've put a handle on one of them so far, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. (Like you, I'm not up to doing consistent beads with a skew yet.)
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    Beading tool. Where's the skew?

    Nice looking vase Jeff. Well done.
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    Nice work Jeff! The word textured comes to mind! Definately an eye catcher!

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