Is wood filler a tool? If not, mods may move.
The list of my flopped free enterprise ventures would fill an encyclopedia. This new (to the American market) wood filler was something I was going to buy wholesale and resell at retail for a few sideline bucks. Didn't work out, I'll explain why later.
Enneyhow, somehow I found out about Timbermate wood filler and got a sample and their literature. Looks to me to be the filler we all want. Does not have the drawbacks of the 'popular' brands on the market and works well. I cannot find any exaggeration in their claims. The product has been the filler of choice in Australia for many years and just recently has been available in the U.S.
What appeals to me is the fact that it takes colors readily. It comes in many colors and shades to match different woods. I plan to use the white with colorant as a filler for voids in wood turnings. Black, gold, turquoise, etc. are all possible.
They have several large distributors, no small wholesale buyer/resellers, listed on their website: