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Thread: General International?

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    General International?

    any thoughts on a GI cabinet saw? I suspect it is made in some factory that mfr's other notable imports.

    I can get a good deal on a display model with extension table and legs.

    I had plannned on waiting for a SawStop or some slider, but..... a cabinet saw would be a very affordable upgrade to my current GI contractor.

    Also, I would much rather have the General CS made in Canada, but the price differential between this particular saw and the 650 is significant.

    I really like my current saw because it is accurate, powerful (for a 2hp), good fence (GENEral CA) etc.

    so any comments would be appreciated.


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    The last I knew, the GI 50-250/260 cabinet saws were made in Taiwan....I'd even heard rumor that they're made in the same factory as the Jet, but I can't confirm. I was eyeballing one in our Woodcraft over a year ago, but a $400 price increase quenched that urge!
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