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Thread: Hmmm...shades of something

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    Hmmm...shades of something

    Just discovered this page...guess I should have come here first. Reminds me of those meetings where the guy up front says we have a new member, stand up and tell us something about yourself. Well, long ago I was born and now I'm old. In between I graduated from the Naval Academy, spent some time in the Marine Corps, resigned and got into the computer industry. Mostly I was a software guy, some of that time a software manager which I didn't like because my guys got to do all the fun stuff and I got to stand up in meetings and report how we were doing...meetings...endless, endless meetings. And now I'm retired, which enables me to spend lots of time playing with my toys (just me 'n the cat now) with nary a meeting in sight. I have a gas engine powered bandmill which enables me to start with a log, and I built a dehumidification kiln that lets me dry about 800 bdft at a time (never had it that full, though). My shop used to be the 2-1/2 car garage, hasn't seen a car in many moons. My machines are mostly my view represents great value, and Muncy is close enough that I can manage the 3-hour drive over there on the occasions that I decide to acquire a new machine. The Grizzly machines I have now are the 10" LT table saw, 12" jointer, 20" planer, 3 hp shaper, VS mill/drill, dust collector, mortiser (new) and 17" bandsaw (new). Non-grizzly stuff is many and varied, IR 2-stage compressor, Plano vertical glue press, Fische mini-lathe, couple of Festool things (great stuff), Tormek T7 (new), and so forth. I don't do any of this for income, just for fun. As Confederate Railroad says, Keep on rockin or you'll turn to stone. I do some home brewing (extract), some backpacking, and enjoy making holes in paper with my 1911s (I also reload for them). And for the past year I've enjoyed being a grandpa. I've been prowling around here for a few weeks now, and am pleased to be a member...seems like a friendly place. My best to all.

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    Welcome, Ed! And Semper Fi!

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    Welcome Ed! Send us some beer samples when you get a big enough batch.

    Post pics soon and often...of the wood projects too...not just the beer.

    To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.” – Robert Brault

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    Hey Ed, nice to get to know you better!

    When is the shop tour?
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    Late welcome. Keep the posts and opinions coming.
    Are 1911's flintlocks?
    "Folks is funny critters."

    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. ~Voltaire

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    Hi Ed ,

    Glad to have you join in the fray!
    I hail from Pa. also , but am using a good ole Texas address now.
    I am a registered voter and you can be too. We ( registered voters ) select the moderators for this forum by voting every six months for the people we want to watch over this family forum.
    Please join me. Register now.
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    Thanks to all for the welcomes...I appreciate them.

    Semper fi, Billy, and thanks.

    I have 6 gallons ready to be bottled Darren...that's two cases of 16s. Where do I send a case? If dem revenooers come around you best not sic em on me, cause dis would be trafiking.

    Thanks Stuart, and thanks for your help with my lathe issue. Your film clip focused me in on what I should expect, and when I couldn't make that happen I returned it. I plan to post my experience on a separate thread. Frank will reprimand me if I don't. I'll post a shop tour when I get a couple of recently acquired machines in place and things straightened up a bit. These are the last machines...I know this because there is no floor space for others. Time to get down to some serious woodworking.

    Thanks Frank. You're tuggin on my boots of course...although I do have a .50 cal Thompson Center flintlock. Haven't fired it in quite a while. My 1911s are a Springfield Armory Mil Spec, which is my carry gun, a Colt Series 70 and a Kimber Eclipse Custom II. The Kimber is the most accurate, but the Colt is my favorite. The SA gets knocked around and I don't mind. Ever since the Marine Corps taught me to use the 1911 it's been my handgun of choice. Well, this is a woodworking forum, so I'll shut up now. I sent that pot should have it next week.

    Thanks Robert. I lived in Dallas for a couple of years long son was born there. And a few years ago when he decided to get an MBA he went to UT Austin. So there's some Texas in my background, although I'm a native Pennsylvania boy and will no doubt croak on PA soil.

    Thanks again for the welcomes...I enjoy this site.

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    Let's see,

    ...a woodworker, a turner, a hiker, a brewer, a Grandpa, AND a Marine! Quite a combination !!! Doesn't get any better than that !

    Welcome to the Family !
    Don Orr

    Woodturners make the World go ROUND

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    Thanks Don. You didn't mention a very important in no longer in the work force. Now I get up in the morning, get the cuppa started, walk out to the shop, turn on the lights, look around and smile, and say to myself "now what do I feel like working on today". Life is good.

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    From one Ed to another...Glad to have you here!

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