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    Reference Charts

    Just some that I've come across, will post some printable ones I have later.

    Common Woodworking Woods - Ratings of about 20 common woods. Categories include price, weight, strength, stability, rot resistance, ease of working, and finishing. By WOOD magazine.

    Decimal and Millimeter Equivalents - Use this chart to convert fractions to metric or decimal values. Measurement conversions start at 1/64" and end at 64/64" (1"). By WOOD magazine.

    Drill Press Speed Chart - Lists recommended operating speeds of drill bits and cutters. By WOOD magazine.

    Drill Bit Speed Chart - Lists optimal speeds for various types of bits including twist drill, brad-point, forstner, spade, hole saw, and plug cutters. By Sawdust Making 101.

    Drill Press Speeds- Keep this handy/dandy chart near your drill press. By Just Woodworking Magazine.

    Finish Comparison Guide - Use this chart to compare finishes based on their appearance, durability and application. By

    Furniture Design Standards - Standard dimensions and construction guidelines for beds, chairs, desks, kitchen cabinets, shelves, and tables. By

    Glue Chart - A guide to choosing and using glues for woodworking projects. Covers all standard glues including white and yellow glues, polyurethene, epoxy, and contact cement. By WOOD magazine.

    Hardwood Information Center - Free PDF's containing structural design info for American hardwoods. Includes dimension lumber, beams and stringers, posts and timbers, base equations, lumber adjustment factors

    Lumber Dimension Chart - Lists nominal and actual sizes of lumber, lumber terminology, and a board foot chart. By Sawdust Making 101.

    Lumber Dimensions - Hardwood and softwood lumber dimensions and related sizing information. By

    Millimeter / Fraction / Inch Chart - Allows you to quickly convert between millimeters, fractions, and inches. By Sawdust Making 101.

    Miter Angle Chart - Blade angles for cutting compound miters on table saws and compound miter saws. By Jim Delaney.

    Miter Angle Chart - Saw settings for 4,5,6, or 8 sided miter joints. By Better Woodworking Guide and Directory.

    Nail Size Chart - Graphically compares nails ranging in size from 4d to 60d. By Engineers Edge.

    Plan of procedure log sheet -  Be a more organized woodworker by putting your plan of attack on paper and sticking to it.

    Project summary template - A form to keep track of woodworking project related expenses and operations. By WoodBin.

    Sheet Goods Selector - Properties of sheet goods including Appleply, Baltic Birch plywood, Particleboard, Melamine, Hardboard, Fiberboard, and Bendable Plywood. By WOOD magazine.

    Tool Buyer's Guide - Free online tool buyers guide in PDF format. Includes buying basics, tool test, and specs chart. By American Woodworker.

    Wood Sampler - Color photos of many different types of woods. By WWA.

    Wood Screw Chart - Provides the gauge, head-bore size, shank-hole size, pilot-hole size and available lengths of traditional wood screws and production screws. By WOOD magazine.

    Wood Screw Pilot Hole Guide - Shank and pilot hole sizes for screws of various sizes. By Sawdust Making 101.

    Wood Screw Pilot Hole Sizes - Quick reference chart to help you determine what size hole to drill for what size screw. By Just Woodworking Magazine.

    Wood Toxicity Table - Toxicity ratings for common woods including type of reaction, potencity, and frequency of occurrence (rare, common, uncommon).

    Woodshop Inventory Form - An excel spreadsheet for recording information about your shop resources. Has columns for tool type, quantity, date purchased, cost, and serial no.

    Wood Shrinkage Table - Average green to dry shrinkage values for a number of commercially important woods. Includes radial, tangential, and tangential to radial (T/R) shrinkage. By

    Wood Strength Table - Lists laboratory measured strength parameters for many common woodworking woods. By

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    thank you for all the work involved posting this .....very informative...great

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    I found it very interesting too. I only downloaded the project summary template, but it jump started me into being more organized.

    Out of that one template, I took it and changed it so now I have:

    A time card to track time involved in a woodworking project
    A time card to track time involved in metal working projects
    Metal material costs and charges
    Wood material costs and charges
    Metal inventories
    Wood inventories (in my kiln, warehouse, sawmill, inside shop storage)

    I plan on getting a file cabinet and sticking that out in my shop. I have been meaning to keep a better track on my hours, material costs and wood inventories, so just having this one link jump started me. It seems kind of foolish to do paperwork for a home shop, but if you don't know how much things are costing you, you don't know how much to charge people...even if for-profit is going to be down the road.
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    That's a usefull list. Thanks for posting it.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Nicely done!! Thanks!!!!!! Jim.
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