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Thread: Favorite walnut finish?

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    Favorite walnut finish?

    Whats you favorite walnut finish? I have my sisters wine cabinet almost done. (See other post) and I am trying to decide on the finish. I have never sprayed lacquer but that is what I am leaning toward. My favorite is Shellac but being a wine cabinet..... not such a good idea.

    Before I decide I think I am going to take a scrap piece, sand and stain. Then try an oil finish. That would be simple to keep up. I know she has a couple of things she uses tung oil on anyway.

    Just looking for a good idea here. Have to consider that wine/alcohol may get spilled or dripped on it.
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    My favorite finish is Sprayed Lacquer, by far but of late, I have been addicted to Wipe on Poly. Walnut needs to be finished natural with an ambering clear finish (WB finishes are ugly, milky with Walnut) Lacquer sprayed finish is so smooth and nice but over time Sun will bleach out the walnut and over years of exposure, it will be lighter and lighter. Poly does not seem to bleach out over time as does the lacquer (form my experience) but I have not been using poly as long as Lacquer. MHO FWIW

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    I'd use a coat of garnet shellac - dewaxed - followed by your favorite clear coat, which could be laquer, but for me would be Arm-R-Seal, since I don't have a spray booth.
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    I like orange shellac with a satin wipe-on-poly finish. I recently made a storage shelf and tried Tung Oil and WOP, which turned out great. I found the TO is easier to apply than shellac but doesn't give quite the same 'glow' that the shellac gives off.

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    I am not 100% on this, but wine my eat thru the lacquer. Plus if it is going to get a lot of use a harder or different finish may be needed. Shellac does bring out the grain nice. Poly give a good protection against water or chemicals. I use poly on most things as it is durable. WB poly can be tinted to give the amber glow.

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