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Thread: Larry's new shop pics

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    Larry's new shop pics

    Since Larry has fell behind in keeping us updated with pics of his new shop,

    I made my way over to get a firsthand look and take some pictures. It was dark by the time we made it to Larry's but with the help of Larry's new neighbors house lights the area was well lit up and had no problems making it out to the new shop after a quick first stop at the kitchen for some pizza and a cold soda.

    It is obvious that Larry put a great deal of thought into arranging his shop for work flow and space to work. Larry asked a lot of questions here on this forum about what people thought of different aspects of a shop environment, so those of you that commented had a hand in his design.

    I can remember some years ago going to a woodworking demonstration at a fellow woodworkers shop and Larry telling me that after looking at this guys shop and how well it was laid out that he might as well just give up......Well Larry, in my eyes you just made a shop comparable to the one you uttered those words about years did yourself proud bozz.

    Following are pics that I took of his shop as you come through the front door you can look around and see this.

    A peek into his office where he keeps tabs on all that goes on here at Family Woodworking.

    Inside his finishing room.

    and the last one in the finishing room.

    My camera was giving me battery troubles or else I would have gotten pictures of Larry's wood stash, air compressor and dust collection system....maybe next time.

    Nice shop Larry, I know you are proud to have it and it holds special meanings of having your family and friends have a hand in helping you, especially the time you spent with your loyal and benevolent main helper, your dad!
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    looks great larry. nice and clean though, you need to make some serious dust and get that place dirty

    thanks for postin steve


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    Congratulations! Larry. Shop looks great.

    Thanks! Steve for posting the pictures.

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    Congrats Larry!

    Drool.....I"m not the least bit envious!

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    Congrats on the shop Larry,
    Great layout, I would love to have the space you have. Looks like a ton of fun.

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    Looks great, except where's all the clutter? You've got a lot of horizontal surfaces there without any junk on them!! If you need some useless stuff to scatter around, I'll send you some of mine. Maybe that way I can see my horizontal surfaces again.
    Again, it looks great. It is obvious that you planned things out very clearly, and implemented that plan. ENJOY!! Jim.
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    You've come a long way since Septober Larry, especially with all the interruptions with neighbors, nere do wells and most importantly deer season. Well done.

    Thanks for taking the time to document the progress Steve. I do wish you could have gotten a couple of pictures of the neighbors place though.


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    Courious minds needed to know, and now we do.
    Just as figured, the shop looks incredible. Great layout/space management Now start makin sum dust

    later Tom

    One thing though, you might need some new lookers if you need that ladder to read the clock

    Also, Thanks Steve for the update
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    well thanks to yall:)

    as my good friend steve said i asked alot of questions from alot of you, and by doing so you are all a part in my dream. so anything you see that resembles your idea take credit and thanks for passin it on.. also thanks to dave richards for the help in skecthup ideas and help in learin the program well enouff to play with layout.. still have alot ideas that arent there yet so your turn will come if you dont see something that i asked you abot.. glad you could come steve,, and of you in my area are welcome too.. good thing its the keyboard that i am doing this thank you or we would have few water breaks..raining as i type.. oh one more thing the feature that makes the most for me is the pictures and time i had and am having with my dad and brother.. those pictures in the office area are them and the day crew that helped on the trusses... thanks dad even thou you will never see this.. my heart goes out to you....
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    Lookin' great. That elevated CMS idea is fantastic.
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