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Thread: Hollow Form #13

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    Hollow Form #13

    This one has a nice feather across the top and another in the foot area. It has lots of spalt lines, a couple of knots and a few cracks which I left unfilled just for effect.

    Spalted birch, 7 diameter x 4 high, sanded to 400 with 5 coats of wipe on/wipe off Minwax gloss poly. Plan on buffing it once the static problem lessens in my shop. Had a nasty shock jump from my left hand and hit the remote on/off switch as I was reaching to shut the lathe off while buffing. It actually caused my controller to go into an over current mode! Figure I will wait until the natural moisture content of the shop air rises back up a little closer to normal.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HF #13 V1.JPG 
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Name:	HF #13 V2.JPG 
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Name:	HF #13 V3.JPG 
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    As always, any and all comments/critiques are welcome!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Steve that is SHOCKING Sorry couldn't resist...Will you ever run out of that spalted birch and maple?
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    A beautiful piece of wood, Steve.
    Great job of pulling that HF out of it!

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    Steve, you just keep cranking out beautiful pieces. The form on this one is perfect and the wood is awesome.

    I was roughing out a green Sweetgum bowl last night and I, too was worried about shock...but not static electricity. That bowl was slinging water plumb to the ceiling and on the wall behind my lathe where I have a plug strip. I've never turned a piece so wet, ever. Think I'll wait a shile on the rest of it.

    Thanks for showing that HF.

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    Steve that is beautiful. I really like that wood. It has some great charactrer. Well done.
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    Wow! nice job Steve.

    I am glad you didn't fill the cracks, as it adds so much character to the wood.

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    Beautiful Steve!!!! Lucky 13 for shelf photo's as well.
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    Once again...he shoots! He scores! Beautiful piece, Steve.
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