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Thread: Another customer Service Testimonial

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    Another customer Service Testimonial

    I recently bought one of Don Pencil's seconds & blems Scorpion Hollow vessel boring tool and a stinger hollow vessel boring set... it was scheduled to arrive on Jan 28... and on Jan 28 a package from Don Pencil did in fact arrive.. only not what I ordered.. the package contained a complete buffing system.. 3 pcs 8" buffing wheels, plus six bowl buffing balls, a bar each of tripoli, white diamond and carnuba.. I immediately sent email to Mr. Pencil using the reply function to his shipment alert.. didn't hear from him so next day sent an email off his website... still no word, so I called him... Naturally I got his voice mail.

    He called back within the hour, chuckling about getting the wrong package, then said "just keep it" I'll send your hollowing system out immediatly..

    My new hollowing tools arrived today. And he threw in two new pieces in the stinger, plus 3 or 4 extra bits..

    On top of that we had about a 30 minute conversation about turning and the merits of various lathes and their potential levels.. He is a class act. A real Gentleman.
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    That's a way to treat customers & to make sure they come back for more. I'm looking for a hollowing system to use for my Jet mini & will keep Don as the top priority pick.

    Don't tell your competition about your CS you deserve the money for exceptional service.


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    You're going to like the Don's buffing set...I sure like mine. I've also got the Stinger set to retrofit onto my Monster rig. It's handy for working through smaller openings.

    Don's "shipping department" does have its lapses, but the "customer service department" makes up for the mistakes many times over.
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    Now that's a great testimonial!
    Nice to hear good news once in awhile.

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