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Thread: I'm a Believer....

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    I'm a Believer....

    Not a big deal and I assume that many of you already know of the handiness of the Flushcut or Japanese Pull Saw. Well I am an old diehard, dyed in the wool (so to speak) kind of guy. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. So I never ventured into the realm of this "new" saw.

    Lately I have been doing some modifications on a reproduction of a Model T Towncar, all wood body. A local fellow had a another guy build him this Repro. After he got it, he was not satisfied as he felt it was not accurate in design with the original. So, here I come to the rescue. Been taking off pieces and reshaping and re-installing and trying to stay within the tight demands of this fellow. Anyway, back to the Primus, I ran into places where my standard saws could not reach or left such a kerf that repairs were severe. Off to the "Store" and looked at several, being the cheap rascal I am, I selected an inexpensive version, not knowing if I would like the concept.

    I am here to tell you that that little gem is as handy as the pockets full of dust on my shirt. Makes such smooth thin line cuts, reaches in under joints and releases them. I am applying some thin Hard Maple molding trim pieces tonight and the ability to cut a precise angle and thin cut is just great. Had to cut previously installed molding and make it fit the new, w/o leaving a scar on the surrounding wood. Yes I have taken a gazillion pictures and will post some as it comes together.

    If you are like me and procrastonated as long as I, then I urge you to try this handy tool. If the expensive saw are any better than this cheap one, then I'm investing my beans on a new one.

    I wont say that it is a better concept but for certain applications it is the "Berries"

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    I've had similar experiences with my cheap little "Shark" flush-cut saw. Disposable blade (although I've not needed to replace mine) and handier than Velcro shoelaces. I liked the saw so much I've bought a few of their bigger pull saw models (also inexpensive), and have been happy with them, too. I'm sure they don't compare to high end Japanese saws, but they do what I want them to do, at a price I'm willing to pay.
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    Yep, there sure is a reason they are so popular.

    I have the "Razor Saw" brand, replaceable blades.

    I tired a handmade saw, it was like a laser, I could not believe how well it cut, unreal, truly remarkable......... but it cost $1000

    Now, for a pro, here in Japan, working making traditional stuff, with all the complex joints etc, yeah, I can understand the price, as this saw, if kept in shape, would last the pro's lifetime, but for a DIYer like me, I'll stick with the replaceable blade type, they DO work well.

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    Yes, those thing pull cut saws are great. I have one from Stanley, It was cheap and I could use a new blade but it's sure a handy thing.

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