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Thread: Companies today

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    Companies today

    Just aren't worth a hoot :soapbox::soapbox::soapbox::soapbox:

    Yes I'm getting on my soapbox so be warned now.

    The wife just came home from work with lousy news. Seems they have now lost their attendance bonus, yeah it was only $75 a quarter but thats not the point. Last year the profit sharing went out the window That was $3000

    Oh they still have it but now they get it quarterly, BUT they have all this criteria they have to meet, in the end she got around $600 for the year.

    It used to be at the Christmas party every one got something! One of the office ladies went shopping, when you walked in the door at the party all the employees got a raffle ticket. The human resource director pulled the first raffle ticket, you picked your present off the table and you pulled the next ticket. Presents ranged from cordless power tools to tv's and other big gifts.

    Now what do they get, they buy a few presents the best being a $200 gift certificate to the mall. The worst being a certificate for a day off, about 15 gifts total. So 15 people get something every one else gets, well you know.

    Then they have the nerve to tell them a "a Happy employee is a productive employee" Needless to say there aren't any happy employees.

    In the 6 years the wife has been there they have changed the insurance 5 times, each time the coverage gets worse and the price goes up.

    They keep telling them that the profits are slim, but a little research shows profit margins getting larger every quarter for the last 4 years, yet they keep telling them how tight money is. Yet they spent 1.8 million putting a new line to assemble windows last year, never mind that it has yet to work right

    I guess as long as the money keeps rolling in to Tokyo they don't care

    Ok I'll get off my :soapbox: now.

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    I'm real sorry to hear that Robert, that just sucks.

    Just so you know, things are bad around here too, used to be most company employees got two bonuses a year, anywhere from 3 to 6 months salary depending. This has now become a thing of the past, most people will be lucky to see one month salary bonus twice a year, and the same thing is happening with health care over here too, always worse, and the big companies are not real happy when someone actually uses the health care....

    Add to that, they have cut middle management to the bone, and say they need a warm body to fill a seat in Osaka, and you live in Tokyo, instead of hiring someone in Osaka, you have to go, live in a really crappy dorm for one to two years, you get to come home to see your wife and kids (on the company dime) twice a year. Lots and lots of guys here have just given up on the large corporations and quit, they then start their own companies, or work for much smaller ones, the pay and the face may not be as great, but they are much less stressed and tend to be happier.

    Don't have a solution for your wife, but just wanted to let you know it happens here too.
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    Rob what can I say? Hmmm Nice soap box did you make that yourself? I mean look at the fine detail and Wow are those dovetail joints? I can honestly say I have never seen a soap box built with such thought and care.

    Humble Cheers Drew

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    I have to reply to this...

    Several years ago my wife, with her MBA and CFP and brokerage and insurance licenses spent the better part of a year completely unemployed... and the next year working at a stop'n'rob AND a bowling alley snack bar in her 'spare time' before she managed to get back into an 'appropriate' job.

    She didn't have any profit sharing, no bonus plan, not even an option for insurance that we couldn't have paid for anyway... but at that point she was real glad to have ANY job.

    We're doing okay now... but we've been on the other side, too. Plenty of folks out there that would kill to go to work for [fill in Japanese/Korean employer of choice].
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    I also have to reply, It is a sad state of affairs when companies used to CARE about their employees.

    I have a friend who owns a cabinet making company & also teaches high school shop class. He had a guy go into the hosp for some major surgery & since it wasn't work related he wouldn't get any pay at all but his savings. Well my friend gave him his normal pay until he got back to work he didn't lose his house cause he had steady income coming in. You can imagine the LOYALTY his employees feel towards him. some stay late to finish projects & don't even put in for OT.

    On my job we have a monopoly no one else can do it by law. (I'm a Mailman)
    In the last 5 yrs we had a 3 Billion profit but we can't even have a X-Mas breakfast cause it cost them to much time. I had a screaming match with a boss on the street cause he thought I was taking a extra break. Another time I went to Dunkin Donuts to use the bathroom & saw 2 bosses sitting having coffee & 2 hrs later went back to get a drink & bathroom break again the same 2 bosses were still sitting there so of course I had to bust their cookies.

    Most people don't believe me but when we get inspected we have a boss walking behind us all day counting how many steps we take. I got inspected & at the end of the day the boss told me at the beginning of the day I had a 102 pace count (steps per minute) & at the end of the day I was down to
    95 pace count & was I on purpose slowing down to increase how long it takes me to do my route. Well I gave him holy heck at the top of my voice & every other word out of my mouth was the "F" Bomb I told him I have been working 10-12 hrs a day 6 days a week for 4 yrs & I had my regular day off (Friday) only 4 times in 4 yrs. If you don't believe me ask your own mail carrier about having a boss count their steps when they get inspected. I do love my job when I'm out on the street talking to my customers but when I'm in the office I'm a real A Hole (it's called survival) to the bosses.

    I don't know where all of the companies are totally for the bottom line & the BIG bonuses for the high management comes from in some ways the old days were a lot better kids had respect & people taught morals to their kids now I just don't have a warm fuzzy feeling the way the world is going.

    Dang now I got to go & put my 2 typing fingers on ice their sore from all this typing.
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    Wow, I had no idea so many people made handplanes!

    The sad reality is, eventually the tide will change and bad employee relations will end up costing you on the bottom line. It's like that in the small town where I work. Just yesterday the boss held up 5 applications from people who are tired of making well known, heirloom quality tools and want to build boats. Attrition is normal in any occupation, but when you so many people leaving one place, you cannot help but wonder what funny things are going on. The Secretary chimed in on this and said her Daughter was going to apply there but told her not to because of the influx of workers to our boatbuilding company. This is not the reputation you want your company to have.

    One of the fabricators said it best however. He was looking for a new handplane to make some plastic tanks one day and was asking my opinion on the subject. I told him a nearby tool company made nice handplanes, but he shook his head.

    "I don't do business with companies that don't treat their workers fairly." As I said, employee relations can hurt your bottom line.

    Maybe that is the reason the company I now work for treats their workers so well. I am fortunate. I not only get treated well, I personally think they treat their workers too well, with workers taking advantage of them. Still we work so closely with the boat owners, that we have to be treated well. From bonuses, to the parties for every launching, and enough shirts to fill a closet...we get it all. Not to mention never being yelled at or belittled...we are treated good. I've been asked many times by these billionaire boat owners how we're treated and how we like the job. They must like the answer because all the boats were are building are by repeat customers. For some this makes the 4th 5-10 million dollar yacht they have had built. Good employee relations pays!!
    I have no intention of traveling from birth to the grave in a manicured and well preserved body; but rather I will skid in sideways, totally beat up, completely worn out, utterly exhausted and jump off my tractor and loudly yell, "Wow, this is what it took to feed a nation!"

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    I understand what you are saying Robert.....

    ...but around these parts (Depressed Economy Michigan) people are just Thankful to have a job.
    A very wise man once said.......
    "I'll take my chances with Misseurs Smith and Wesson. "

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    Yep, corporate greed is alive and well in America today. And that's all any issue seems to boil down to today. It's all about the money... always!

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    not normal but struck a nerve!!!!!

    company's can pay for there mistakes.... someone metioned that a company that doesnt treat there employeees well can pay for it in the end well on that note i had a similar situation this week i amoneof thoe who stay and finish a project, to make a deadine and not charge for the time.. i have done this many times,, well this week i was instructed to set some type and my fat fingers hit the wrong key a A instead of a E in the title of superintendent.. well it was sent out to be proofed by the customer and they ok'd it the phone call was recorderd in writing that it was ok to run we did that and the customer complained it was wrong and i got charged for the mistake monetaryly...and some what ridiculed for not being abloe to spell well the morale has just dropped considerbally i never miss aday andam never late unless its and extreme emergency than i call in. been here 24yrs well today i was late and dont give a hoot... the favors are over and the morale is gone.. sorry fo rthe rant but like steve said here in mi in our area the companys are using these tactics to become dictators or tyrants to often.... the old song "hey ollie" will happen one day at the establishment!!!!! now back to the previously scheduled programming!!!!1
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    I think things will get a bit worse before they get better.

    I think Circuit City (electronics retailer) is a good example for what I think we will see more of in the near future as companies cut deeper. Circuit City fired 3400 "over paid" employees (experienced sales associates) in March '07. This fall and winter, sales were terrible and they posted poor earnings. Why? According to market analysts, they didn't have the staff with enough experience and knowledge to help customers make a final decision to purchase. The customers went to competitors where help was available.

    The company I used to work for constantly "benchmarked" other companies to see how they stacked up on salaries, benefits etc. There were some pretty large adjustments (not in the employees favor) over a few years. When asked about it, the HR guy said we were now at the appropriate levels of compensation for a company our size. When pushed, he said we were "average". My comment to my boss was "So they expect above average employees and performance for averagepay?" He just gave me a knowing smile and said "That's what they are hoping for."

    Robert, I hope things work out for your wife. If she enjoys her job, that really helps ease the sting, but if she doesn't, it's like salt in the wound.


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