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Thread: Hand screws

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    Hand screws

    Just got an email from Rockler. They have 10" hand screws on sale 2 for $9.98

    Look to be nice quality, and for about the price of HF units.


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    Don't look like a bad deal to me, Wes. I wonder if this is only good via online shopping. I'd run in and grab some if they'd honor it in the store.

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    The store by me honors the coupons in the store. The coupon is supposedly only sent to people who subscribe to their on line newsletter. The clamps are good quality.

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    It doesn't say anything about them being online only. The website just shows it on sale.


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    My notification came from my local store. I'm on their e-mailing list. I've never had them tell me anything was online only but, maybe I just haven't picked the wrong thing. I'm going to swing by for a couple clamps and to use my 20%-off coupon that expires Sunday.

    The only thing they won't do is order stuff for you and not charge you shipping like the old Woodcraft corporate store in Folsom used to do before they went franchise. That always seemed like a win-win to me. I saved on shipping and they got me in their store when I went to go pick it up. I don't think I ever just stopped by and picked up the order; I always bought some other item.
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