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Thread: Leigh FMT - SOLD

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    Leigh FMT - SOLD

    I have a Leigh FMT and the complete set of joint guides that I don't use anymore. If there's any interest let me know and I'll work up some photos, maybe we can strike a deal.

    I bought this from Lee Valley about three years ago, not sure. Came out in 2004 so wasn't too long. You can see it on their site:,43000
    If purchased today from them it would be 669 + 73.50 + shipping.

    I was using a Jet benchtop mortiser for awhile, then decided to try this jig. Used the FMT to build 2 plant stands (24 mortises per stand), 2 stepstools (8 mortises each), plus some practice cuts. Then decided to go back to the hollow chisel mortiser. Haven't used the FMT since. I think I only used 2 (maybe 3) of the joint guides.

    UPS or postal service are easiest for me to get to, although I'm not sure the carton will be small enough for USPS. We can decide on a free shipping price or I'll charge gouging.

    I'll post more if there's any interest.

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    Interest = LOTS!
    Money = $0.00

    Oh well. Someone's gonna be happy.
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    Leigh FMT

    Hi Mr Gerhard,

    I plan to buy one of these FMTs (and a router) this week as I am starting a new project. If you are willing to part with it for a low price, and we can arrange convienent shipping or pick up, I am intersted. If not, my local woodworking store is selling them new for less than $599 US which seems to be the lowest price I've seen.

    I plan to be driving through Syracuse and Buffalo over the next couple of days. Where in PA are you located? What price do you need to sell? Is the unit in mint condition or is there any damage or issues ? How many guides and cutting bits go with the sale? Are they HSS or carbide? Please let me know (if you haven't sold it already)...

    Thanks and Regards

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