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Thread: Same location.....different views

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    Same location.....different views

    I am building a 40 x 64 pole barn for a customer. We had the poles set carriers and purlins on ready for trusses when we got a huge about took my barn down.

    It just about completely blew down the front wall....

    My two sons and I headed over with truck and chains, cables, towstraps to bring it somewhat back upright before it went completely down.

    So after getting things back to where they needed to be....plumb, level, square, braced...... replacing broken carriers and purlins as well as losing 2 weeks of time in the processs.....yesterday we got the sheething almost completely wrapped up, now if any winds flatten it I am going south for the winter.

    Next step...shingled roof, soffit & facia.

    Then on to vinyl siding.

    I had this building braced well when the winds hit, but they were so strong that nails were pulled right out of the bracing/posts. We re-braced it when we got it upright and this time I didn't trust 16 c.c. nails....I drove in 4" ring shanks. Those shanks were a bugger to pull off the bracing, but at least I wasn't worried about losing it again.
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    Nice recovery, Steve. It sucks that you lost time and materials, but I'm glad it wasn't worse. Looks like nippy conditions to be building in.
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    Looking good amigo. Now all you need is a break in the weather so you can get some shingles on.

    At least it will hold up to the winds predicted for this weekend. Cold temps too. Wind chills approaching minus 40 for us tonight.

    Your Mom & Dad have an extra bedroom in Florida? I'm ready.


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    Looks like you are going to have to nail that Tupperware Siding down tight to keep the wind from ripping it off...oh yeah you can't do that with Tupperware Siding can you

    Looks nice though, as we say in Hockey, Great Save Man.
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    Now that's what I call "self control", Steve: stopping one short of P2K (Post 2,000). I guess putting together that big post with half a dozen photos "took it all out of ya"....

    Great save on the barn!

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    Nice comeback. It's gotta be tough this time of year, especially in your neck of the woods!
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    Good save Steve. Sorry to hear you had to lose all that time and effort.
    I hate it when that happens, there is no one to yell at.


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    Good save. Glad to see you where able to save it.

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    AAARRRRHHH! Shiver me timbers and blow me down! Sorry I thought it was post like a pirate day.

    Very nice recovery Steve. You could have told the customer that it was planned to have that windswept look.

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    Oh, glad to see the last picture showing you were building a building, 'cause from the first pics I thought you were building one of those snow fences they build on the plains to provide protection for the livestock behind the drifts.

    Seriously, great save, and you have my sympathy for all that time and energy lost, but I guess some losses are all part of the game. Mother nature can sure throw us some curve balls some times. Hope you can get it wrapped up before the next mess of bad wx.

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